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Gas Plant & Sullom Contractors Behaviour

1979 Sheltie

What do you think of the problem ?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of the problem ?

    • Its out of control and nothing gets done.
    • There is some trouble but not very often.
    • There isnt a problem and we shouldnt worry.
    • The companies and police are doing thier best

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was the sheriff complaining a few weeks ago about the drinking/violence culture in shetland.


the building firms should be issuing safety warnings to its staff. after all we all know there is an underlying violence culture here.


lets not blame the builders or the locals lets just blame those that are guilty.


which at the moment they dont seem to be doing anything that requires police involvement

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Does any of you actually drink in the local pubs, Brae in particular?


There is a complete change to what there used to be. Yes, Shetland has trouble now and again with louts, the odd scrap at the weekend, usually fighting over grudges gone on from school days, NOT intimidating total strangers drinking in their local pub. Being told to 'F*ck off this is a travellers pub!!!', exactly what a friend of mine was told by a group of workers when he stepped in due to the remarks forwarded to his girlfriend.


If you think there is no problem your deluded, if you don't drink in the pubs in Brae maybe you should go out and experience it for yourselves. I've call ed the Police once, nothing was done, as the the guy pi55ed off and it took over an hour for them to get there, they ended up telling me that nothing criminal had taken place anyway, I beg to differ, intimidation IS illegal.


It's only going to get worse, this is going to have a HUGE impact on our community as a whole and not for the better as far as the behaviour goes. A lot are fine, mostly the older generation ones but the younger guys are running wild................Work hard, live hard, play hard and f*ck everyone else

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Colin are you now reverting to going down as you call it the "Soothmoother" Route, even though it has never been mentioned on this thread, no one gives a damn where the people are from, they are concerned about thier conduct thats all.


So what is the behaviour and conduct of the locals you are talking about ?


Well, you're opening post made it pretty clear that it wasn't locals(?) causing the problem. How did you expect people to 'read' it?


What behaviour do you think I am talking about? After all, you started the discussion.

Shetland has always had an element of unruly and rowdy characters. So what. Just because some 'outsiders' come in and, maybe, do it a little better(?) you want everyone to jump on them from a great height.


Bottom line is that 99.99% of these people are decent, honest and, law abiding.


Ramping it up into a problem of 'biblical proportions' in the local media and, horror of horrors, starting a Facebook page is not the way forward particularly if no 'crime' has been committed.


Why don't some of you 'keyboard warriors' try confronting(?) these 'offenders'? You never know, you might actually discover that they are in fact human and that all they really need is for someone to engage with them in a more positive way.

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Bottom line is that 99.99% of these people are decent, honest and, law abiding.



That's 1 in 10,000 people, I doubt you'll find anywhere in the world where you could find a group of 9,999 decent honest law abiding folk, maybe oil construction workers have changed somewhat from the ones I used to work with :wink:


Ramping it up a bit maybe :wink:

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A significant proportion of the blame should lie with the landlords. If someone is the worse for wear (or even getting close to it) then they shouldn't be serving them, simples ...




How would you define worse for wear, many folk can do very well at looking and acting fine, to say that the publican and bar owners are the ones who take the blame is quite crass. Some folks only need a few drinks to loose it in a violent way. After all, if an person wants to maim or enact violence on another, it is their fault. We have seen that in the case where the chip shop owner was racially abused, no publican, off sales license holder or bar license holder was blamed.


I frequent the pubs and bars in Lerwick when I am up and I have seen the actions taken by staff, who have to work in demanding conditions at times, they are the ones you mean, the staff. They are the ones who refuse, have to keep a log of this and liaise with the police when they visit the bars, clubs and pubs through the night sometimes with the drugs dog.


If your experience of bars, clubs, pubs and shops selling off sales is different, it would be good to know them.

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I can't be arsed any more. SP, your posts are enough to drive anyone to drink.


" to say that the publican and bar owners are the ones who take the blame is quite crass"


Well, if you stopped trying to twist anything anyone posts, you'll have noticed the words "A significant proportion". Once you've attended English lessons and learnt to read, you might understand what that means.


To other posters (excluding SP because he can't read English ... or Shetland, for that matter), I do realise that it isn't always easy to know when someone has had enough. But thousands of establishments up and down the UK manage to keep an eye on drinkers, be that by employing extra staff doing things such as collecting empty glasses off tables and at the same time tipping off the bar manager that certain patrons are getting a tad rowdier, etc., or employing security staff. Surely though once someone has caused trouble, they get barred? Or are people saying that there is a constant flow of people causing trouble?


I can't help but wonder though if it was somewhat short-sighted to refuse the new hotel an 'early start' alcohol licence; after all, if the bar was open to residents only then wouldn't that mean a large number of the workers wouldn't be customers in other local drinking establishments?


Or is this thread really about the fact certain people don't like the thought of 'competition' and the workers copping off with local women? Any of these workers women? Oh, is it purely a testosterone problem then? :wink:

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Why are you blaming local businesses for these troubles, or most of them, only asking about your experience.


If the visitors are not on the clock, they are, and able to do really as they want, contracts may encourage good behaviour, but, they will not stop bad.

If there is a problem, the local news can help. If they state that the offender is an employee of one of the contractors, then there will be a contractual way of getting rid of that offender from the islands. Bringing your employer into disrepute is a disciplinary.


I can only assume you have little if any experience of the night life in Lerwick, by your lack of comments. So, I will repeat that your accusation is based on your own prejudices and was a crass statement.


We can all edit in an after thought, though I do remember you attempting to pull me up because I had edited my posts in the past. Still, your comment is still how I described it, now, you throw in abuse towards my levels of education and ability to read and write. Another edit, it is great the way you try to alienate me by saying I cannot "read Shetland". Though I thought it was Shetlandic, alas we should now be reading England, eh?

(excluding SP because he can't read English ... or Shetland, for that matter), :

This editing is quite good.

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So Shetlandpeat you spent a bit of time trawling through Shetnews and managed to make a list of assaults involving Shetland residents, so does this mean that you condone antisocial behaviour and violent crime because its been commited here in the past ?


That is a typical question I would expect from someone who has little or no evidence of the accusations they made in their initial post.


Can you point out what part of thin air you managed to grab that from, also, while you are at it. Explain why you think I would think that.


The links were in support of a previous post about the levels of violence already experienced in Shetland and how it is a problem. Though, from what I have read and heard, the lanes of Lerwick have had many a rumble in them over the centuries.



Yes, and coupled to the behaviour and conduct of some of the locals, it must be way to much for the local plod to cope with..


Get a grip man... It's just the old 'soothmoother' argument in a different skirt.



So the problem is that there's people spending money in the pubs ? Obviously there will always be some muppets who will take it too far but that's just a game of odds , not as if the locals are any different or am I missing something ?


I would understand if you were involved in a long running campaign against violent behaviour. Should we now be looking at banning football, after all, domestic abuse rises by nearly 30% during international games. I think firstly, you may be a Daily Mail reader, if not, you certainly show the modus operandi of one and secondly you have some issue about Soothmoothers.


To simply answer your question though, no. Though I am upset you did not mention it in your original comment, which would make it balanced, the "survey" is in the same vein.

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No pain no gain.


Think of the extra buisness this is bringing to us creating employment for many that might be unemployed otherwise .


So if there is a little bit of bother from time to time,as long as it is not to serious what's the problem .


Surely anything to bad will be dealt with by the police and the culprits thrown of the islands.


Some folk just have to moan all the time and cannot bear to see anyone else make an extra bob or two.


Thinking about taxi drivers ,pubs, restraurants ect.

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Shetland Peat


I have nothing against people not born in Shetland i am actually married to one funnily enough !


I dont read the daily mail , i prefer the Sunday Sport :)


If you had contributed something worthwhile to the thread rather than links from old assault charges i wouldnt have asked the question.


I am not in denial that there has been trouble in Shetland in the past, there always has been and probably always will be, all i am asking is that i would like to see more done to assist,protect, the locals and traveling workers equally so we can all live together harmoniously for the next couple of years.


There always will be bits of trouble on both sides but its about trying to limit it as much as possible.

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That does make me happy, after all, we all deserve protection from idiots and those who are bigots. The best forum to further this would have to be the local media. I would happily support a balanced campaign to end the reputation that seems to have have been attributed to Lerwick and Shetland folk. Which can only be done by eliminating these violent tendencies. It can be done. Using the work done by other towns is a start. I know, as I have been involved in funding them that street pastors have reduced problems here many fold. They are in our debt here, hence the funding for more.

If you highlight these problems in the media, I will support you in what can be done to reduce them.

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I'm a female local who works on the gasplant and have lived in Brae most of my life, I also drink in the Brae pubs.


There is trouble yes, but it isn't everyone. Maybe 100 out of over 1000 people. It's not good, but, these companies cannot vet all their staff to find out which are going to behave badly with drink in them. There are many companies doing various jobs on the plant. Some are called on to supply large amounts of workers at short notice, so if employing through a recruitment company you just don't know.


The buses have been put on to try and combat some of the bad behaviour, so they are limited on how long they can spend in the pubs, as the bus takes them back. They also randomly drug and alcohol test people daily, any trouble they are fired. Not even given a way to get home, just told to get their stuff and leave (you'd think the thought of that would be bad enough, but for some it isn't).


Not everyone who works here are bad guys, the new hotel in Brae is going to be used for management. and at the moment the barge in town is management. So some statements made are not quite accurate.


But I have experienced some of the vile things that are done and said in the pubs by some of the workers, I've also been stared down in a pub in Brae because we were there drinking and were basically told its 'their pub now'.


Its a hard one to deal with, I know the companies are trying to do their best and cope with the demands put upon them to get the work done. The police presence I don't really know what to say about that, unless there are police in every pub the whole time its open or security in pubs/clubs to try and cut it out (like on the mainland).


The guys I work with are really sad about all the bad press etc. because as they say, they're not like it, but they all get tarred with the same brush because of the ones who are idiots.

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