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I believe the new Yell school cost between 8 and 9 million. If that is 'good value' for a place the size of Yell I'd have thought £14 m was pretty good value for the secondary school which serves the whole of Shetland. if only Lerwick could get the style and build of the Yell school. But Lerwick bairns have long been the poor relations in spend per head on education.


The inept schools service were under the (misguided) impression that the SIC could not access government funding for new schools so never applied for any funding for the Mid Yell school. They almost came a cropper with the new AHS until it dawned on them at the eleventh hour that they could apply for grant assistance. They had to go in person to plead their case. I'm not entirely sure it was by accident that they sent 3 women in short skirts to butter up Mike Russell.


If I remember correctly the SIC has committed 6 million for the new AHS. Anything over and above has to be borrowed according to the Mid Term financial plan, putting the SIC into debt. I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up costing a lot more than £14 million.

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Some of the "ideas" I saw last night were just a bunch of boxes thrown together and sticking out at different angles.


I do hope they come forward with something more decent but also imaginative......


Let me know when you find out how the design process works, that is, initial cost and design and the upkeep.


I would guess that the public can have a say, then, if they all do not get what they want, they can have cause to complain.


The school can still be called AHS, I see no reason why it cannot.

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