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Land owners around sandwick?

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Looking for who owns the main farms and land around sandwick, No Ness, Ward of Burraland, and the hill above Broonies Taing (Small pond on hill).


Also the land around deepdale and hamars to the west of sandwick?


If anyone has the names and or a way to contact them it would be much appreciated.



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The main "owner" of a lot of it is the Sumburgh Company, however that in itself means not much, as a great deal of it if not all is subject to crofting tenure leaving the tenant/rights holders in as much charge as the "owner".


The Sumburgh Company (if they're willing) would be able to tell you the extent of their current ownership across the areas, who the tenant/rights holders of specific areas within that ownership were, and when and to whom they have sold any areas in the past. Chances are though you're looking at dealing with a large number of folk, unless you can be much more specific about location(s).

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