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Accommodation Barge

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Does the big accommodation barge  

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  1. 1. Does the big accommodation barge

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I don't go out on the raz any more in the town (being a daddy and boring old fart) so can't comment on the night life impact.


A sudden influx of several hundred men (largely with a 18-40 demographic) in the town pubs?


No impact whatsoever mate! Only an embittered, small-minded islander with a deep seated dislike of incomers would dare to suggest that this has changed Lerwick's nightlife. Ask any of the long-term posters here, they'll set you right ;-)


Joking aside, yes. It's completely different. It's bound to be.


Do I resent them? No, of course not. If my work sent me away from friends and family then I'd gravitate to the pubs as well.


Of course, if you're a young single man then there's also another obvious incentive to check out Lerwick's bars, other than mere alcohol.


How the local lasses feel about this, well you'd have to ask them. I imagine for some it's pretty awesome! A lot of single local guys, however, are probably not so keen on the current ratio of men to women.


Comparisons have been drawn with the 70s Sullom voe influx. However, some of the older folk I've talked to say that, back then, the companies brought with them their own entertainment in the form of new venues, live acts etc which locals actually flocked to... maybe Petrofac could do a deal with Mareel and get Beyonce up to entertain the workers and appease the local lads?

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