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Boxing Club - Mossbank Hall


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Am I right in hearing there is currently/going to be a boxing club in the Mossbank Hall?


I was in the Sella Ness Accommodation block the other night, and briefly walked past a poster advertising this, but did not hang around long enough to look.


If this is happening, I would like some more information on the classes. When do they happen? Is it well attended? Is it a hobby or will there be competitions? Any information would be good, as I am very interested.



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The boxing club has been set up by a group of residents from Sellaness.


At the moment it is only open to Sellaness residents while they get up and running.


It is very much their wish to open this up to the community once they get up and running and get more equipment in place.


All the equipment (which is being bought by Total and Petrofac) will be left behind at Mossbank once the Gas Plant is completed for the community to use.

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I feel it's quite bad that the local community members have to wait to get any actual use out of it, considering they should be the priorty in a local community hall as they permenantly live and work here.


However, as long as they get the use of it eventually there isn't much to quarrel about. I suppose it's only fair since they came up the idea in the first place. It's also nice to hear that the community will be getting the use of the equipment when the Gas Plant is completed.


Anyway... I'm looking forward to hearing more about this.Do they have a proper instructor/trainer? Or is this the type of things they're trying to figure out at the moment?

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It's a private booking by the residents of Sellaness who are paying to use the hall and giving the facility much needed income.


The club is still in it's infancy and they don't have all the equipment in place yet to open it to the public which they're kindly agreeing to do.


There are qualified instructors and semi-professional boxers in the camp, so it was originally set up so these guys can train whilst in Shetland.


Once they have everything in place then they are keen to open it to the community as a whole.

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As long as it's a private booking then there's obviously no harm in not opening it to the public.


I sincerely hope this takes off as I think it would be good for the community. Thanks for your information.. I look forward to hearing more.

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