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People that think people carriers are Ferraris.


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I speed up for horses.




I really hope we dont dont get to hear yet more tragic news, this time of a speeding ignorant motorist killing a horse rider...


I really hope also that was just some sort of warped sense of humour from you Klanky, of course if it was your own member of family or friends you were passing I presume of course your personal rulings would apply still and you would still be putting your foot down ?

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I often have to drive really close to people to be able to read the plethora of stickers about the fact that they are carrying the next generation in their brown corduroy car, or their braking habits when in the vicinity of horses, or the fact that the person at the wheel is having a driving lesson, or their choice of car radio manufacturer but at least we haven't got as bad as the yanks yet with their bumper stickers.


you mean like " Honk if you bonk" :lol: :lol:

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who cares whether its a ferrari or a meriva overtaking you? I overtake people every single day going to work if they are driving slower than I want to go. Overtaking isnt dangerous if its done properly.


shetland has seems to be full of people who take offense to being overtaken and drive up your ass when you do it.... if you dont want to be overtaken... drive the speed limit! simple.



though i can understand there is the minority of people who are an accident waiting to happen (yaris sized car overtaking a stream of cars around a blind bend) accident waiting to happen.

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