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Keeping a mobile number on a new network


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Bearing in mind that I am not technical, can someone please advise me on this?


I have been with Vodafone for about 20 years continuously and have always had the same number. I was on PAYG for about 16 years then switched to annual contracts for 3 separate years followed by a sim-only contract for a year. In May this year, via a phone call to Vodafone I took out what I thought was another 12 months sim-only contract with them. When I went back to them after 3 months to increase the internet allowance, they insisted that I have a 2-year sim-only contract and refuse to budge. I have a reasonable deal with them but this has really pee'd me off. I had no intention of taking out a two-year contract as I like to check every year. They have done this without my requesting them to do so.


This has now become a matter of principle for me. If I was to have my phone unlocked and switched to another network, could I retain my old number? Could I just simply cancel the Vodafone monthly DD and walk away from them? I haven't signed anything with them as it has all been done via the phone.



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I have kept mine for many years on different networks.


You ask Vodaphone for your PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) for your number, when you get a new sim from another provider, you will get a new number, give them the PAC number and the number will be allocated. In the case of myself, it took a week to get the PAC code from O2 and 36 hours to have it put onto my 3 sim.


They may want a fee if you have not completed the full terms of the contract.

Best to ask.


Good luck

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