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Military intervention in Syria  

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  1. 1. Should the UK take military action against the Syrian regime

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These images were tweeted by BBC reporter Quentin Sommerville with this quote...

"This was the hometown Galip & Aylan Kurdi left behind. I visited Kobane in Jan. Worth risking everything to escape?"

For those who don't know Galip and Aylan were the two young boys who drowned with their mother of the coast of Turkey.

This is just one example of the suffering that's happening on our doorstep.

Millions have fled Syria, surely we have a responsibility to help.



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They escaped that town over a year ago.  The father chose to go by sea from Turkey to a Greek island.  How is that our responsibility?  They were refugees.  They were given shelter in Turkey.


Isn't it the case that Spain has closed its borders because it realises it cannot cope with an influx of refugees?  I don't think the UK could realistically cope with 20,000 more refugees; we've still got refugees here since the break up of Yugoslavia.

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The Middle Eastern countries have been quarrelling amongst themselves and others all my life,it seems they can agree with no one. 


I was always told never trust an Arab, the Glasgow airport terror attack by two qualified doctors has done nothing but make me think that this was sound advice.  


Will it be any different once they settle down in the UK  or for that matter anywhere.


I suspect that what ever problems they have will come into the UK with them.


I certainly feel sorry for these folk and do not have the answer to solve any of their problems.


There is an old saying "Birds of a feather flock together"


The different cultures and religions will create big problems in time to come. 


We only have to look at the Northern Ireland situation Protestant against Catholic, both christian denominations that could not agree among themselves so how will folk manage with religions completly different .


I guess that 99% of these poor folk will be genuine law abideing,it is that other 1% I worry about. 

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So that's nearly 20% of Syria population that has left Syria.

When are the other 80% leaving and where are they going ?

Soon there will be nobody left.


Our 20,000 are coming from the Refugee camps and I think this is too high a number for Britain to cope with.


I felt once safe in Britain now there are areas of Britain I would not want to walk alone through.


It is going cause huge ethnic tensions we cannot gloss over this. I think you are going to end up with massive resentment over time.


Great caution before we open the flood gates and possibly regret our actions no matter how good our intentions originally.

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Eventually when all the trouble is over in Syria there will have to be a major rebuilding project and no doubt many of these poor souls will go back to rebuild there country and no doubt many from the UK as well . If there is work and money!


The truth is one could be holidaying there in say 15/20 years from now. Who knows.

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Being realistic do you think they are going back ?


Even though they only got a 5 yr visa, would you want to go back to rocks and rubble or stay in the house a government given you in Britain and letting your children go to school in safety, they are not going back.


You know that people will say they made their home here, let them stay we can't disturb /upset them again.


Whilst you feel for them and the situation is indeed horrible and upsetting, and we can help some , Britain has got to get sense grip of what we can actually do. We are already desperately trying to reduce immigrant numbers we cannot take more in than a very small controlled amount.


Its going take a lot longer than 5 yrs to rebuild Syria and sort its problems out.

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A woman in Syria on the news has said they don't want to live in Arab countries because they would be classed as refugees or migrants. They want to move to the EU to become a citizen. Once they are EU citizen they can go anywhere in Europe.


Hello Britains benefit system. Their families will just get bigger and bigger and Britain will no longer be Britain.


Germany will not prevent 800,000 Syrians leaving Germany they will let them go where ever they want.


The French will probably build a bigger camp at Calais.

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Mad Merkel rolling out the red carpet is going to have long term consequences for all of europe....relocating refugees/ economic migrants is not the answer. This needs to be tackled at source.


I am shocked that so few folks make the connection between this current crisis and global overpopulation. What we see now is only the beginning if people keep multiplying at this rate as resources become even more scarce.




I read a study last year that found that the number of child brides had drastically increased in refugee camps. Families could not feed the daughters and were worried about their safety inside the camps so decided it was better to marry girls off at a tender age to get them off their hands. and the vicious circle continues.....


Far more needs to be done in education and improving the lives and rights of women and girls in these zones.  200 Million females have an unmet demand for contraception and no access to reproductive health care. In a male dominant society/ culture/ religion their voices are not heard.

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Why is a Shetland Charity recently set up supporting Economic migrants in Calais  when the UK government is trying to stop these ones getting in ?


How earth can SIC eg help with housing, when there is a shortage of housing for locals on Shetland and we still have dental waiting lists etc completely crazy.


Are locals going to the  back of housing queue behind Syrians .

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