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So I recently had an interview at the [***Mod edit - local business name removed***] where the interviewer told me that she does not like to take on locals because we are unreliable and lazy, as I don't have the Shetland accent I assume she didn't know I was local but after asking me about my alcohol habits I told her I was local. As I predicted I didn't get the job.  I am not bitter, I just think that if someone said this about black people or foreign people then it would be a different story.

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It is an accusation without proof. If you did secure a prosecution against them, you could name them.

If the employer can show a reasonable business case that can show that it is not in the companies interest to employ

locals, ask for it, this will add to your case. There are timelines though. A soliciter will help. You could get compensation, very little though. At least, if you win you can name and shame.




Employment law is very complecated, I would, and you should get, feedback from the interview if you ask, you can also write

to the company explaining your fears and your accusation. I would also add that you are considering taking this further because

you think you were discriminated against.


I feel the EA act is not applicable.


If you want, send me a PM with details and I can look into it further for you.

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