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hi there folks are you interested in the paranormal? because i LOVE it, and i belive shetland to be a great haunted rock of a place not just wind house in yell! anyway i practice magic or majick as crowley the self proclaimed beast 666 called it. but just coz i go down both paths left and right, or black and white im still a nice guy.........honest! anyway i want to know if anyone has any true paranormal stories or hauntings about this island. but plz dont pretend anything that aint so, because i will know instantly and it aint good for you or me. so lets chat folks...........and robert wtf you doing using my email account?

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You would need to post the above in English, with correct capitalization and punctuation, then maybe we can talk :???:

Oh and by the way, £100 is small fry, the James Randi foundation will give you $1,000,000, yes that's six zero's if you can show proof of the "paranormal" Go and claim your prize, (or not I suspect)

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