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Recent Upgrade And Data Migration Issues


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^^ Yes, I know what you mean I can empathise exactly why expressing "dislike" in the way detailed would be advantageous. The ability is there but, it hasn't been set live.


Let me explain. The reasoning behind this is it takes more to write well written, reasoned, and logical posts (receiving "likes" ideally) than it is to just "dislike" someone's post; as you may be in a heated exchange with them for instance. There are many variations of this same theme.


Over time, "good", well written posts will give Shetlink members "good" reputation. Wirking utter sharn and being no good to the community will get you nothing - much like real life  ;)


Could we no' have an "Ignore" feature like I've seen on some phpBB forums? There's a couple of fellow users I would pay good money to avoid the chance of even accidentally viewing one of their posts. In fact I avoid even reading forum discussions if I know they're in there....

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