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Jets On Westside


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Spinner, these are normally for the low-flying areas (Glens and Fife) and it is very rare that it would be after dark, especially in an area that is not commonly practised in. I had looked at that timetable, but was looking to see if there was a notification for an exercise at sea. Oh well a bit excitement...

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I think the atmospherics this evening was allowing the noise of high flying airliners to be much more easily heard than uisual ?




I am pretty sure that it was two military jets, probably tornado's, there lights were clearly visible above Weisdale as they passed over. They were traveling much faster than commercial airliners and regularly changing direction. At the time flightradar24 didn't show any commercial airliners over Shetland, the closest were approx 1-2 hundred miles to the west.  

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