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Offensive fancy dress


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The only offence I'll take from any costume will be the gross waste of resources if its an obviously ridiculously expensive one. A costume is just a facade, a veneer, in the same way as an expensive sharp suit and immaculate presentation doesn't make a conman in to a reputable business person, any other costume doesn't suddenly make the wearer or situation become the reality it is inspired by.


Specific to the linked story, no costume of any type is necessary to "play the part" of a nutjob, there are several folk I can think of that do an excellent impression very often if not permanently, some would probably even say I'm one of them.


Its dressing up to have a bit of fun for a very short period of time, FFS, who cares if somebody wants to pretend to be a Waffen SS Officer, Charlie Manson, Mother Theresa or Jesus. More likely their actions while wearing it are going to generate amusement by their cack handed ineptness at representing their chosen character than anything else.


I don't think people in general are any more easily offended, rather I think a very few members of minorities have caught on to the fact that all they need to do is shout "discrimination" about anything, and they get to pull the strings of a whole legion trying to appease their feigned "hurt", and they get off on it. That, and a few folk who appear to be self-appointed "guilt carriers" for all previous discriminatory against minorities "wrongs", that have swallowed the whole PC mantra to absurd lengths, and jump on anything and everything that they perceive could possibly in any conceivable way "offend" any known minority in any detectable way, and holler for blood to have it banned as soon as they find it.

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Glad you got that off your chest.. :razz:


Can anyone tell me what a 'Mental Asylum' type costume looks like..  Might need to get one sometime.. :razz:


I understand that part of it consists of a T shirt depicting a cuckoo flying over a nest, doesn't it?  (pink feather boa optional) :razz:

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Would you wonder if wearing a Gollywog suit would be considered wrong too? Perhaps it'd just be seen as something harmless? Wonder if anyone would like to debate and discuss that as a topic? Hmm?  :ponders:


Goadless breeks, but it micht cud wirk....



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I think it was Dennis Potter who said that no one has the right never to be offended. Speaking of Golly costumes there was a black and White Minstrel Guizer squad a couple of years back. I don't remember anybody mentioning that at the time. I think it has just become a default position now. You don't like something so it offends you.

I always think so what? you will get over it. There are much worse things in the world to be offended by.

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