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VHS to DVD Companies

Kavi Ugl

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What you're talking about is upscaling VHS. If the original is sittin at good 'ol PAL 50i and you upscale (enhance 'quality' per se as per your original postings) - it can look worse; with artifacts and image noise.


It depends on the quality of the original recording and on what you're then actually viewing the upscale on - as well as the quality of equipment used to convert. For instance, another outcome is scanning lines etc. may well be reduced making for the appearance of a better quality visual representation.


So many factors and technology combinations involved ....so .... there's no black/white scenario.


Some of the hybrid VHS/DVD combo systems that used to be on sale - and probably still are - can copy from VHS onto DVD and can upscale as part of that process.

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I've had mixed results with USB interfaces. On my old XP box I copied a video successfully to my PC. When I tried to extract one song from the PC recording the sound was so totally out of sync with the video that it was a completely different number.


I tried more recently with my Windows 7 box and I couldn't get any sound at all.

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