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who should judge who is and isnt able 2 veiw and use shetland pages

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Having been blocked from the shetland pages on facebook for leading a private and not having enough "friends" who should b able 2 judge? My life and commitment 2 this island, I hv personal reasons for this and y should I b judged for it


Would love 2 know other peoples feelings, on the subject? Should some1 b able 2 say who isnt from hear, or who cant veiw shetland pages,

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In the adverts you also posted on the same subject - "Having been deleted from the page for not having enough friends, for not using my own name due 2 a very personal circumstances, but given the fact they could have asked but chose not to, who gives people the right 2 say who can and can't be from shetland, or who is entitled 2 live a private life, for those of you who dnt add needless amounts of people on Facebook, or just like 2 b private it seems it's not aloud, or u will b judged for it, it's not fair, and 2 say I was a bully I was pointing out facts 2 prove I lived hear nothing nasty was said, was asking y u wouldn't let me join, seems shetland classified on Facebook is the bully,judgemental and clearly does not understand shetland culture which is supposed 2 b open 2 every1 friendly and unjudging"


Firstly, it is unlikely you were deleted from facebook pages for either of these reasons. Secondly, it is more likely that you were deleted for (my personal pet hate) not writing properly and instead using constant abbrieviations. Lastly of course it may be because you posted inappropriately.


Type properly, type legibly and others may be more sympathetic to your cause.

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Get real.  People create pages on Facebook.  It's their pages.  They don't have to accept anyone.  They have a rule that if you don't have your location set for Shetland, you can't join.  So either quit ya whinging or start your own group, simples!

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For clarity, this is in regards to the Shetland Classifieds on Facebook and nothing at all to do with Shetlink or associated Facebook classifieds feed from here!



Looking into what's what. Presumably, the closed group aspect of their pages is a form of moderation? I suspect it's a thankless task.

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If it's any consolation 'anyone' signed up as a member to Shetlink can post in Shetlink's classifieds section. You can add as many pictures as you can to a 5Mb overall limit.
Not just registered members but, 'anyone', can view your classified. It is even indexed by the major search engines; especially Google, pulling in even more people to view your Shetland classified advertisement.


Shetlink's online community is not like Facebook's closed nature either - you don't even have to be a member to view - most things that is; if you do register you get added functionality such as Private Messaging, notifications, and additional forums for instance.


As an added bonus, all Shetlink classified adverts are displayed automagically on Shetlink's Facebook Page thereby providing access directly to your Shetland adverts from Shetlink across Facebook's integrated user functionality. i.e. one can like, discuss, etc. Shetlink classifieds directly in Facebook.


Now with login functionality, anyone whom is a member of Facebook can also log into (+register if not already) Shetlink simply by using their Facebook login. You can connect your current Shetlink account through this mechanism also if desired.
Yep, I know!  :roll: It was an advertisement opportunity! You can't slide Shetlink for that  :razz:

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What I don't understand* is

a) what this has to do with Shetlink and why it is in the Welcome forum, and

B) why folk who join something and refuse to adhere to its rules then try to change the rules to suit themselves. Oh, wait, that would be a bit like a Soothmoother coming here and expecting everyone to talk to them in plain English. I'll get me coat... :-D



* that'll be pretty much everything

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