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who should judge who is and isnt able 2 veiw and use shetland pages

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Dear shetland Pete I think u will find u bullied me into this, who gives u the right 2 say who is and is not from this island and who cannot view items in the local community, no shame on me, freedom of speech

Can you divulge more abaout this, I have no idea who you are and have no interest in finding out, as with any one on here.


Still not had an answer.



Step away from the keyboard, SP. We don't want The Deranged One coming swirling back out of the void, do we?

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But I am on my own a Christmas and need a friend. ;-(

:-) but mind to choose your friends carefully. No better and faithful friend than a good dug. :-)


I do hope you have a fine Christmas though


You are right about the dog. Looking forward to retirement so I will have the time for one again.


This holiday will be a mixed bag of celebration and the pensive wait of the ringing telephone telling me I have to go and work so others can do their holidays.


Thanks for the sentiment. Have a great time yourself...



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