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Oxjam Shetland Takeover 2013


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Oxjam Shetland Takeover 2013 – Saturday 26th Oct

4 venues. Dozens of artists. 1 wristband.

After the success of last year's Takeover, we're back to make it bigger and better..!

On Saturday 26th, from 2pm until 2am, Lerwick will come alive with various gigs of all sorts of genres, dotted all around the town, showcasing the greatest talents Shetland has to offer.

This 12 HOUR musical extravaganza will take place in some of our finest venues – Mareel, Lerwick Boating Club, Da Wheel Bar and Baroc, and there will be something for everyone – folk, heavy metal, rock, blues, acoustic and jazz...

The gigs at each venue are staggered throughout the day, so you can attend as much as you can, hopping from one place to another with an ALL ACCESS wristband.

Wristbands for 18+ are priced at £10, and you have full access to all venues – provided you get there early enough!
Wristbands for under 18s are £6, and you can get into Mareel and the Lerwick Boating Club.

This Takeover day is organised entirely by volunteers, and all musicians are donating their time and skills for nothing. All proceeds go straight to Oxfam, as part of their annual, UK-wide music festival.
This is such a great opportunity for Shetland, to show the rest of the UK what we’re made of, and how much money we can raise for such a brilliant cause!

Local music, global impact ♥

Get your wristbands from Shetland Box Office at Mareel and Islesburgh, and through this link:



Check out our facebook page too - https://www.facebook.com/OxjamShetlandTakeover



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I have been involved in 3 similar events. Instead of a charity, the venues and the artists sold the wrist bands and they retained the money. Having over 20 venues and 160+ sets at each one was some work. There were no costs to the venues or artists and was paid for by a community involvement grant. The schemes did increase the footfall into premesis and promoted the acts, many got future bookings and recording contracts, I also put many on the local radio.


This is a great idea for a charity event, the last event we did sold over 2000 wrist bands.


A charity event must be on our list, I will watch with interest and good luck.

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