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Sheeps Wool Insulation

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I think that it could be a non-starter unless you know a friendly crofter or speak to the main buyer..


Trouble is that most (80 - 90%) of Shetland's raw wool is bought by 1 company.  They grade it (according to various qualities) and ship it south for spinning into yarn etc.


A couple of other companies are involved as well but I would doubt that they would have any 'spare' wool.


There just isn't enough left over to start any other kind of 'industry'.


Furthermore, the crofters get paid quite a reasonable price per Kg of 'graded' wool and may not be willing to sell you ungraded wool cheaply enough to make it worthwhile.


You could make a start by contacting Oliver Henry at Shetland Wool Bokers (Jamieson & Smith).  He might be able to help.

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Hi. thanks for the replies. I think a few have misunderstood though... It doesn't help that Shetlink moved this from Consumer Advice to Crofting forum!


I'm not looking for Shetland wool for insulation, I'm looking for ready made loft insulation that's made from Sheeps Wool. Its common now and plenty of online insulation suppliers post it out, B&Q even sell it, but obviously no one will do delivery to Shetland. I'm sure some people have used it in Shetland properties and looking for a builder that's worked with it in the past basically for how they managed to source it.


I'll try Shetland Heatwise first - thanks for that.


I have a feeling it is going to be too expensive to be worth it, but will try anyway!

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You could put an add in the classified section, some one may be coming back with an mt van, lorry or trailer, dunno if removals company may help if they come back mt or part full.


Why Sheeps Wool? = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wool_insulation


It has good reports, and may suit the damp better than other fibres.

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Hi. Thanks. I've not got anywhere with local companies but got some quotes from south. As expected, delivery will be prohibitively expensive so will try to find someone willing to shove it in their van. Currently looking at £750 for insulation + £300 delivery, compared to £450 for normal insulation locally so quite a big difference.


Sheeps wool is much more environmentally sound, in terms of sourcing it and end of life disposal. Normal insulation is usually made from rock or glass wool so not very environmental. Also, as mentioned above we have a very damp house and so the ability for sheeps wool to hold moisture is pretty handy as it will help the house to breath better. The new "earthwool" which is the preferred choice these days, isnt very sustainable, although an improvement on the old itchy stuff.

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