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Road safety in Shetland


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Has anybody had any results from phoning 101 to Police Scotland. Twice I have phoned here to report potential life threatening road safety problems, have yet to see any results from the phone calls. I feel that if they are leaving communities unpoliced at times they would really have to put more effort into dealing with phone calls. The latest being that I phone tonight at 7pm - the hazard is still there at 10pm - I only hope this does not cause an avoidable accident...or worse.

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Is it just me, or is everyone being overtaken even when doing 60MPH.


It seems that every vehicle that comes on your tail these days has to overtake even in the most stupid places. 


No wonder there are accidents and insurance premiums rising for the sake of sometimes nothing more than  a few seconds if that, gained by these impatient drivers.


Also keep a good distance from the vehicle ahead when exiting the speed restriction on freshly chipped roads as the chips get lodged in the tyre threads  and "ping out" hitting winscreens & chipping car paint as they accelerate . 


Most drivers are aware of this but plenty of idiots who could not care less!

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