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What's be going on lately? Seems now you can't bookmark some pages (last 3 days), and page layouts have been displaying badly for maybe a week or so?


I've always had the Forum Index page bookmarked without any problem, these last three days the bookmark will only stay good until the next shutdown, try using it after a restart and it takes you to the Home page instead.


Common to all pages unless the Forum Index page, the PayPal button top left is stacked on top of the "Shetland discussion forums" link, on the Index page its hidden underneath the "Home" link in the header.


The centre section with the external news feeds on the Home page is weird - I'm only seeing it as 2.5 columns wide, and have to scroll across within the page to see the second half of the third column. Yet, there's space at the right hand side for a fourth column that's entirely blank, and the feeds display in unnecessarily large text (mix of about 14 & 16 point at a guess). A little tinkering to remove the unused fourth column and standardise the text size with the latest advert and latest posts feeds down either side (mix of 10 and 12 point at a guess), would allow the three news feed columns to display more or less in full without need to scroll across within the page.


XP & Firefox on a 14" screen at the moment, will check on 7 with the same browser and screen later, but I'm pretty sure from memory it displays exactly the same.

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Heya. Thanks for pointing out the skin discrepancies. We'll have a look into them. Interesting points re: the homepage and space. Basically that's an iframe of the old old Shetlink homepage *shivers in horror at the use of technology there!!*. It's going to be upgraded to how it functions shortly.


The forum is now standalone whilst the http routing for Shetlink base entry now points to the homepage. If you re-bookmark on the forum it will stay as that URL for now.


There's a vast array of stuff going on in the background and some of that is popping up in the LIVE version of Shetlink for good or bad.

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