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Pelican crossings!


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What is the differance between Pelican crossings and manually operated traffic lights in terms of spare parts?

If I remember correctly the report suggested going back to Belisha Becons,

I very nearly hit a person on a Belisha Becon crossing because the amber light was hidden by other lighting while the road was in darkness, the person on the road could not be seen that that was in Aberdeenshire.


I think that when the cost of a spare part is considered more importantant than a life serious questions NEED to be asked.


Maybe this thread should be renamaed "Duty of care relating to street lighting"

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I would worry about that junction, it would suggest that the other beacon was not in order, no warning signs, no direct or silhouette lighting scheme and of course a light being obscured.


I am not sure that it was a Zebra Crossing. If it was a crossing point with a refuse island, different story.


If the electronic crossings are to be removed, their may not be a justification to repair them. After all, pedestrians also have a duty of care, if it means an extension to their journey. Even when these were all working, many a time I have seen pedestrians cross at other points.


This is something, if it is as important as that to you, should be taken up directly with the council by yourself in the first instance, then comment here about it, especially as all these people are at risk.

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I nearly got hit by a car last week ,whilst trying to cross the one at the bottom of church road. But don't worry they will get them sorted quickly, once someone is knocked down or, god forbid, killed :-(


How long does it take to get some parts sent up, or why are spares not kept in stock ?

Nearly got hit there myself on a number of occasions.  That crossing point is dangerous even when the lights are working.

Far to many motorists accelerate along the esplanade in order to take a 'run' at the church road hill then have to stop very quickly when they see that the crossing is in use by pedestrians.


The problem is that it is 'blind' from one side in so much as pedestrians cannot see vehicles approaching and vehicles cannot see the lights until they are on them, it is also right on the entry to the south end of commercial street, much used by school kids, joyriders, cash point cripples, bun-run drivers etc.

Drivers approaching the lights might not realise that they are not working and, as they would appear very suddenly, would be concentrating on the lights themselves and not on the crossing.


Apart from being slightly bemused that there doesn't appear to be anyone on Shetland capable of repairing them, I have no idea what the solution would be. 

Removing the lights altogether would be useless as people would still want/need to cross the road at that point.

Imposing a speed limit of 20mph might have it's advantages but, there would still be those that ignore it.


How about an underpass?  It could be used as a 'pilot' for the tunnel to Bressay.. :thmbsup

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Crossing the foot of Church Road is potentially dangerous.  I use my ears and the mirror by the small boat harbour or, if my journey is better planned, I use the crossing by Leasks Travel Agent (as was).  But surely if spare parts for pelican crossings are not available the council should should replace them with the puffin ones.  If needed find ways to make savings somewhere else or, in the case of the Church Road crossing just go over budget.  After all there is a potential danger to life.

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This is something, if it is as important as that to you, should be taken up directly with the council by yourself in the first instance, then comment here about it, especially as all these people are at risk.

Pete, why do you think you have the right to dictate who can post what on any subject on this site ? I for one, have spoken to the SIC on more than one occasion on this issue and found the response a waste of time. Perhaps using a well read local forum to highlight the problem and encourage further discussion, may help encourage the SIC to do something.


Please stop being so condescending :-(


It is a free to post forum, if, I have thoughts, as do you, I post them.


 If a point where you cross is dangerous either, stand there patiently until the council fix the lights or find a safer place to cross.

If you want to risk life and limb doing otherwise, think of other folk.


Perhaps offering SIC a biscuit and a tin of coke may further the encouragement...

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