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Pelican crossings!


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Scorrie, ich im joost no gyan tae takk de upp upo dy yitterin, I do however expect some hellery from all three posters on this forum


The point I was trying to make is that Belicha beacons are simply not as safe as a normally recognised and safe methods of stopping traffic in a modern world with your clothes on !!!!


Da coonsil "person" on this forum, who's purpose is clearly to split even a singular oppion might be the better of Foing Oway !!

You have asked the a poster on a Public forum identify oneself.



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Odd, really, most drivers have no problem at all identifying Zebra crossings and acting accordingly..... :thmbsup


 If drivers aren't paying attention - or couldn't give a firkle - then they're not going to obey them anyway, They are the sort of people that will drive onto a crossing when there are people on it regardless of what lights are displayed or what road markings. 


Putting my pedant hat on: And Zebra's most certainly are a 'normally recognised' method of crossing. To be precise, they are not there to stop traffic - they are there to allow pedestrians to cross when it is safe to do so. It is the drivers responsibility to assess the situation on approach and give way to pedestrians accordingly.

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I would like to remind any council officials reading this that it is all well and good placing "crossing closed--do not cross" signs on failed pelican crossings but those crossings are normally the place designed for wheelchair users and people pushing prams, buggies and so on to cross the road as the pavement is lowered at that point.

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Many roads have crossing points, they will either be on the apex of the bend at the junction or set back, according to speed and visibility. The other thing to note about Zebra crossings is the illumination. The lighting around these [Zebra] crossings  is particular and should be designed either to directly light the crossing, or Silhouette the pedestrian on both sides of the [Zebra] crossing and to oncoming traffic. One of the reasons that other crossings that have becom disfunctional cannot automatically revert to Zebra Crossings, without having the flashing orange beacon and the black and white crossing point.

You could if you are interested find out why there is the orange flashing beacon, you will find some further points about their meaning and importance. Some times, one may have to travel to find a safe place to cross.

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It may be that the lights are owned and maintained by another contracter, they are here. So, the council cannot really touch them.


There's an action known as "Termination of Contract" that usually brings that situation to an abrupt conclusion.


If some contractor is responsible for such a non-existent maintenance/repair service as is being reported, they are very probably in breach of their contract, and if they ain't they should be. And whatever desk-bound numpty drafted the contract allowing them not to be, should be positioned on the Esplanade armed with coloured torches to do the job manually instead.

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When's the next decorations maintenance cycle due on the barge?..snip

I would be interested to see that, though I wonder how the bike could cover the whole barge.


This may be a way forward,,, of course, with the lid off!








Some, judging by the posts in the past on these collection of pages, may want something similar to this come an Independant Shetland. None Shall Cross - AK47 or not! There are villages at either end of the pass that manufacture such weapons.

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