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Unseen Economy; A Retrospective Look At Shetlink Classifieds


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Advertising the same item over and over again in the Times they would have to pay

Yes, but at least they might get some "free" proof reading



Drum Moar??

Almost excusable


Mixing Bowel??

Oh please...



What you get from using a "Mixing Bowel"


and, my all time favourite


Chester Drawers??

What kind of knickers are those?

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is it really necessary to completely clog entire pages by advertising toys? Seventy ads for mainly low cost kid's toys by the same advertiser. FFS, group the toys together and place just a few ads and then interested parties can scroll through that. 

I really would hope that Shetlink starts charging for ads and puts a limit on the number of ads that can be placed by each individual. At the moment the Classified section is a complete joke and (IMHO) widely abused with T&C's blatantly ignored. I have reported ads in the past and in some cases the ads were either never removed or only to be re advertised a short time later. I have now given up reporting offenders. It's just a waste of time and the habit of people closing and rewording their ads to bump them back to the top is getting rediculous. 


I very much appreciate the mods have a life outside Shetlink, but over the years quite a few people have volunteered to moderate the Classifieds...


end of rant.

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Were there really 70?  Didn't count them myself, just rubbed my eyes and moved on.


Pity is that anyone advertising something worthwhile(?) gets it buried under a deluge of "tat" .


I wonder if they would be allowed to advertise so much stuff (for free) at the Shetland Times?

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count has gone up to 72.... seriously.

Yep, no point advertising anything while this is allowed to carry on. 


I am going to split open a bag of coal, photograph each lump (after all, they are all individual sizes and appearances   :razz: ) and then place an advert for each single one.


I wonder how long it would take until action is taken? :ponders:

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This almost sounds like you're "Subscribed" to a category in the Classifieds? i.e. subscribed to have emails sent to you when one is entered into a category or at the top level thus receiving one from every category entry.


Go to the Classifieds section and check whether a button at the top of the section has "Unsubscribe" on it (or whatever category you're receiving email from). If so you possibly by accident clicked on the "Subscribe" and not realised and are now getting an email from every category.


Also check here: https://www.shetlink.com/index.php?app=core&module=usercp&tab=core&area=notifications


EDIT: I've blanket removed all notifications being sent to you from the classifieds section. Sorry that this has been a frustrating time for you.

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