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Lerwick at Christmas time

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Lerwick town doesn't seem very festive at all, not much in the way of festive window displays and just a few little xmas  trees with just a very few decorations on .It just doesn't appear very welcoming or festive for this time of year and nothing much really for children to oohhhh that's really nice some people have made a really nice festive effort. Surely if the tone feels warm ,festive and welcoming people would perhaps hang around and spend more, putting people into festive mood and good cheer and all that. Personally it does kind of look bit depressing does anyone  think so?

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I just think it could do with bit more colour and sparkle perhaps not spending lots of money but bit more effort or thought into some of the windows and outside the shops. Just seems such a shame at this time of year there is not much for the children to get excited about walking through town which all helps to make Christmas time more magical especially for the toddlers in pushchairs and babies in prams looking at pretty colours of xmas etc . I also think it gives people a lift and helps create that excitement and festive mood.

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The lights are up the trees are out, the parade has come and gone, there are bands playing every Saturday at Harrison Square, Santas grotto in the Lodberrie Traders every Saturday. All this is paid by local businesses through the levy they pay to Living Lerwick. The council do not contribute but charge for closing roads for parades, electricity for the lights and fee to allow bands to play.


Do folk in shetland support these very small independant businesses? How does Tesco look outside this year or the coop for that matter? If you don't support the street you won't have one. Remote island totally dependant on Tesco, Coop and online shopping. Delivery charges!!!! Could be interesting!!

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Smelling and drinking mulled wine and roasted chesnuts always drew crowds perhaps with some candy floss in some towns on the mainland, especially on late night shopping and always went down very well.


1.  This ain't the mainland.


2.  Some people don't buy into the commercialisation of Christmas.


3.  Some people just don't do Christmas.


Perhaps the original idea of helping the don't haves was okay but now it seems to consist of those with too much giving to those who have too much.  So if your idea of the spirit of Christmas is that kids should have decorations at every turning, I respectfully suggest you think again.  Not all establishments on the street are rolling in it.


I'm sending out some cards.  I'm getting two prezzies and that's via a local producer (you know who you are ;-) ) and that's it.


In addition to the above, Christmas, these days, is turning into an excuse for some people to eat too much, drink far too much, make an ass of themselves, spend far too much and then complain in the New Year how skint they are.


Bah humbug rules!

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I love it. A few days off work, drinks with friends you don't often get to see, tasty grub, gifts, time with the family, laughs... Cannae beat it. Personally speaking, obviously. I appreciate that some folk might be miserable or can simply take it or leave it. If you feel that way then that's of course your prerogative. Seems a shame though.

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