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Eating out in Shetland


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Have any of you eaten in the Lerwick Hotel since it was done up? I've been going there regularly for bar lunches for years. Having everyone who is eating use the restaurant is ok, as you get the view of Breiwick. However the food has gone up in price by about £3 a dish and gone from something unpretenetious to a bit overpresented. Not really what I am looking for.


Incidentally they haven't updated their website yet.



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Well thanks muckle joannie, I am pleased you noticed our large investment in trying to improve facilities; the major change of moving the brasserie, now the bay brasserie, to the seaward side, so that at last daily lunch and dinner customers can enjoy the view, in a brand new bespoke restaurant, designed and installed by the same team who assisted us with the waterfront bar and grill at the Shetland hotel.

Where the brasserie was is now the club lounge, for an informal drink of an evening; a quiet pleasant table service place to go and have a drink and natter with whoever. I'm sure your large frame would enjoy one of our comfy chairs in there.

Prices?  We try our best to keep them as low as possible, but we cant fly in the face of reality; food prices have shot up in the past 2/3 years; as have other costs, so at the new pricing we are still competitive and below a lot of others you would judge us against.

Website; as our new brasserie is ready at the start of December, a busy month, we were holding off advertising, allowing a  " soft" start, so no adverts in the Shetland times and no change to website; but website will change this week, and in the new year we will be trying to encourage customers to try us through advertising.

Its the same excellent team in the kitchen, and the same management team.We do have to keep up with customers expectations on food presentation, nothing pretentious in that; its the way of most establishments nowadays. We have owned the lerwick hotel since 1989, nearly 25 years now, blimey, where did that 25 years go?

Anyway, look forward to serving you many more lunches

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We had an excellent lunch at the Lerwick Hotel yesterday.   It was warm, comfortable, food was excellent and affordable, well presented and we had great service.   It is so much more pleasant in the new surroundings with sea views.   The restaurant was busy so obviously a lot of people were enjoying it too...

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We've been to the newly refurbished Lerwick hotel a couple of weeks back.


It looks nice and the service was great and our meal was great, but I thought the menu was poor.

The choice of starters wasn't great, a little strange even for what I'm used to seeing in the Lerwick hotel.

The courses for the Main meals I thought was a bit better.


Even though I liked it the old way better, the Lerwick hotel is still my favourite place to eat.


Hopefully we won't see that silly wooden chopping boards as plates in the Lerwick hotel.

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