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Christmas Day Swim 2013


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Firstly, not the sea, secondly, green algae and thirdly pollution from the land based activities of land based creatures. More fun in the sea.

firstly it was the sea.sands of sound is the sea. 

secondary it was during a storm. that was producing strong currents. 

thirdly as you know folks are often drowned when mucking about near the sea. as you know happens quite often in blackpool.

cold seas with severe weather and possibly slightly drunk folks = not fun  indeed go for a paddle but not during a storm

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Confused ther Paul?


We know it was the sea, but a loch is not.


If we are comparing bodies of water, I think this year Preston Docks have had more deaths this year than Blackpool. I can remember 3 in the docks and 2 at Blackpool. The odds for survival there are that thousands go for a swim in the sea off Blackpool, about 10 have gone for a dip in Preston Dock. Preston Dock is not the sea, has green algae and is full of rubbish.


These events go on all over the country, privately or publicly, i see it as a wee bit of fun by those who are experienced.


I would like to think you were joking when you accused those who swim in the sea as drunk, possibly.


Just in case folk do not know the size of Preston Loch oops, Dock...



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What's with the personal attack?


From the dictionary...


of or resembling an idiot

Idiotic - someone who needs to look up a dictionary to find out what it means. :-) ;-)


Some things have to be explained, especially as there are American meanings and British meanings.


Though, I thought talking about people was "small minded" :thmbsup


I am happy in my idiotic pseudonym role on here. A bit like a chewy fart. Cannot quite get rid of it...

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