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Is any Shetland scenery like the Faeroe Islands?


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I would say they are very different due to geology. Faeroe consists of more recent volcanic rocks, which give the land a layered appearance. Shetland's rocks are more varied and older. Shetland has many voes, which are drowned valleys but not strictly fjords. (With the possible exception of Ronas Voe). Google maps https://maps.google.co.uk/ would be a good starting point to see the scenery of the two island groups.

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Yes, although both are surrounded by the sea and have many sea inlets they are very different.


Shetland is rugged but Faroe is very jagged like dragon's teeth with the highest mountain Slættaratindur at 2,887ft.  I've climbed it and it was not for the faint-hearted.  The last section was like rock climbing.


Shetland's highest point(basically a big dome) is Ronas Hill at 1500ft.  The west side of Ronas Hill(Ronas Voe/Heylor) is quite dramatic with red clifs which fall into the voe. 


Funnily enough, there is a small area in Faroe which is just like Shetland with moorland/heather and apparantly the Faroese refer to it as "Shetland". 


The closest Shetland comes to Faroe is Cliff Sound, especially when viewed from Hogaland in East Burra but in reality it doesn't come close with the average mountain/cliff height in Faroe 1500ft going up to 2000ft plus.


As jz says, Faroe is volcanic layers and that's what makes it so high and rugged.


If I had £1000 to spend on a holiday and had to choose between Shetland and Faroe I would choose Faroe.


The scenery combined with the architecture is sadly miles ahead of Shetand.

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I would agree with last comment.  Faroe is a much more dramatic landscape, and also a very modern and forward looking, but cherish their heritage and look after their environment.  We could learn a lot from them.  They have many tunnels which save on ferries and transform  their communities and don't seem to find it impossible like Shetland, and they have 22 secondary schools and no children in hostels as they find it antiquated for such an approach to education.  No child travels in a bus for more than 20 mins.  All colleges except for university are in Faroe.  They do not have to travel to Denmark for such and they protect their smaller communities, and keep them viable at all costs.  Maybe we should send our councillers on a course to Faroe to see how things can and should be done here in Shetland.

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