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Photos in classifieds


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Can anyone tell me how to sort photos that appear upside down in classifieds.


When I upload the photo it appears in the small box the right way up, but when you select it it appears upside down in the add. I tried rotating the original, but it still appears upside down.


Any solutions?

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Some people have asked about this and I'm not even 10% sure why it does that. I then went away and did other things and happily ignored it to be truthful.


I had thought that it might have been something to do with people taking photos and rotating them on their file system - which can depending on OS and version blah and blah blah blah makes another little file that leaves the original (the one being up loaded) in it's original setting but, shows the user on the file system the way they've turned it etc.


Then that didn't make sense and I couldn't replicate it and then, as detailed, went off and did other things. Ideally get back to it! 


If folk could post OS versions, original file orientations, etc. that might help.

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Hi Trout, I was using an iPad to enter the classifieds.


Interestingly I took photos of two different items with the iPad in the same rotation, but one of the photos appeared upside down in the ad. Tried going into my photos and rotating the pic, but it still appeared upside down in the ad. Not sure why or how to resolve.


People will just have to stand on their heads to see the photo the right way up :-)

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The photos appear immediately. If you're not seeing them it'll be due to the caching system of the website/server amped up to the max. If you carry on and then press your browser refresh button you'll see them. (that tied with your browsers cache can make some interesting situations)


re: help link. can you be more specific regards to which link and where and someone'll look into it

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