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How to prevent pain and ignore illnesses in the NHS


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^ I want the Government, whoever they are, to have the balls to step up to the plate and actually do the job they are hired to do, not wail "woe is us", "the big boy did it and ran away". The political persuasion of whomever is part of that Governement is irrelevant, the NHS is at the moment enshrined in statute, and whomever are the politicians at any given time are obliged to comply with the relevant obligtions that places on them, not pass the buck.


There will always be A&E care, and it would be no bad thing if it was provided by private enterprise, come to that it would be no bad thing if the NHS was disbanded and all health care was provided by private enterprise. At least then wasteful and pointless convoluted admin and protocol procedures and red tape might be minimised, employees that produce results be properly rewarded, and the many wasteful arrogant twats who are nowehere near as smart as they try to pretend they are, who hide behind their job titles while on generous salaries might be weeded out and sent packing.


The NHS, like most other publically funded bodies, is drowning under the amount of pointless, useless and incompetent dead wood its lumbered itself with, not to mention the bill for taking care of the damage the useless and incompetent create.

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Yes, the question of “wasteful and pointless convoluted admin and protocol procedures and red tape” – I think much of that comes from the government, from the media driving the agenda, and presumably ultimately from the public. All are demanding information, statistics, answers.


Someone comes into A&E, first thing is to see what’s wrong with them? Well no, first thing is write down what time they came in. Then get on to treatment, but whatever happens make sure they are either out or moved on within 4 hours – priority. Have someone count occupied/empty beds every night. Report all of that and much more to government regularly. So do you have medical staff spending half their day adding up and passing or these figures, or have an admin person do some of the running around?


So yes, I think there is a significant issue in the NHS with red tape, information demanded of them and reporting and targets for everything. But as per my opening paragraph, I think that mostly comes down from the government, from the media driving the agenda, and presumably ultimately from the public expecting reports of everything from the NHS.


Cut down on the red tape required and the hoops to jump through, then admin and “managers” could be reduced as well. Yes every organization could always do better or be more efficient, but to me the admin/management situation is by and large the result of the situation the NHS are in rather than a cause of it. So it’s time for governments to back off a bit and cut the red tape –to me that is equally applicable to both Scotland and England – no party political point being made here.

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This post was started 08 January 2014


(“Well, its been nearly a year, did Rex hopefully get things finally sorted out with our "beloved" NHS, or is he still lost somewhere within an endless medical game of pass the buck.”)

I am now returning to this post, for a while anyhow.

I saw a doctor last week this was the second visit in a month and and was told that he/she was happy with my condition.*

I am not!

Today I had a sandwich at 1630 hrs and 5 minutes later fell asleep. This happens after eating anything, even a chocolate bar.

The problem is I had put some veg on the hob and it had burned, which is to be expected after a nap of 2 hours. This is now the fifth pan I have burned in a few months.

Mentally, I also seem to have some problems at times.

I, at times, cannot recognise spoken words, then suddenly I realise that they are speaking english.

I have told the doctors this but, (“ was told that he/she was happy with my condition.”)*


Am I going mad?

Have I gone mad?

Or is age my problem?

I have only one hand and arm that works, an injured knee, the side of my face is numb.

My brain occassionaly doesn't work

I do at times feel teary.

I do at times feel humorous and laugh at myself!

I suggest that the NHS could cure me by waiting until the snow and ice are here, stripping me and putting me in top of the Ward / Uard.

At least it would ensure that I would die with a hand on! I could have misspelt a word in that sentence.

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Rex, have you considered having an advocate attend your next appointment with you?  I'm sure you're more than capable of speaking for yourself but even if you're having memory problems (or not, as the case may be), it sometimes helps to have a third party with you because they can help remind you of questions you want to ask and can help you get your point of view across/push for better explanations if you feel you are being fobbed off at all.


Being told they are "happy with my condition" is not the same as giving a detailed explanation as to why you are experiencing these symptoms and whether or not anything can be done to cure/alleviate them.


No, you're not going mad and even if you were, sanity is over-rated. ;-)

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I have told the doctors this but, (“ was told that he/she was happy with my condition.”)*


That's their perogative, but really quite unimportant if not irrelevant information to supply to you.


Their job is to address your condition if you aren't happy with it, diagnose and explain why things are as they are, what can and can't be done to address them etc.


I daresay Doctors are happiest about the condition of patients that are buried, as they aren't and won't be creating more work for them to do.



Am I going mad?

Have I gone mad?

Aren't we all mad, and always have been mad? After all, living defies reasoned thought and logic, so we must all be mad to do it. Its better than being insane though I guess.


Just keep your sense of humour, especially the ability to laugh at yourself, and don't take the Quacks either too seriously or trust them too much, and you'll be fine. There's a far greater chance of delusions on their part, than any issues on yours..

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if you explain your memory problem record the visit. ask for details. make a list of questions. im suspecting they mean your relatively stable but as cranky says take someone with you. if your not sure about anything speak to your district nurse. he will be willing to assist. your very lucky to have a very skilled nurse on your island. as with anything else connected with your health its yours and if you dont understand or not happy say so.     

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Hello again,

See, I'm not dead yet!

The update is, it has been found that I have an enlarged prostate gland. I can't remember if it was 3 - 4 years or more when I first complained about pains in that area.

At the end of last year, the 22nd December,  I was rushed to hospital in Aberdeen because my left eye had a detached retina.

Early this year I finally managed to convince someone that I had been acting, speaking and not recognising words at times and other weird things were happening..

I did some voluntary work many years ago, in London and one of my charges was a lady with Huntington's disease. Now I did not believe that I was suffering from this disease. The terrible thing about this terrible disease is that the, "victim" knows that they are  deteriorating.

I also knew that my brain was not in order.

After an MRI scan it was discovered that I have Mild Cognitive Impairment, Deep White Matter Ischemia. if you wish here is a site worth visiting


A lot of the problems that I have listed on this post, point to a diagnosis.

Why didn't anyone diagnose this earlier ?.

Remember when I gave a list of symptoms to a Doctor, she asked could I just pick one of them.

However, funnily enough I was happy that I at last had a diagnosis.

Now I do not have the frustration of questioning I am I just imagining it.

So self diagnosing beats years of training to hand out antibiotics, cremes and other medications.

No I am not blaming or putting all people under the same cloak.



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I have now also found that my anti depressant can also give similar  problems as above.

So I contacted one of the doctors and suggested that I stop taking  this pill. She did not exactly sanction it but told me to be careful. Then  came the problem, on contacting the community nurses office,to tell them that I had not had an INR check for a while I was,  over the 'phone verbally abused and told that I was,"perfectly able to to go to the health centre for oneand that I went to Lerwick every day any how  ," This was a lie and in any case irrelevant. More abuse came over the the 'phone! There were other people in the office because one person, seemingly authoritarian, said, "You can't speak to him that way,"

I put the 'phone down, I needed to calm down!

A few seconds later I 'phoned again and before I said much, I was told that the nurse who lives in Bressay and another nurse were coming to do my INR.

Needless to say I was baffled. Why the abuse before?

It was low 1.5. I was asked what normally happened, so I told them that they usually let me know what dosages I was to take. later in the day.

I have to date, not heard a word but I do know how to  adjust my dosage so I hopefully have done it correctly.


I do go to to Lerwick on the shopping 'bus once a week and I do help the people to get on and off the, bus and help people who are less fortunate than I am when they need me to.

My preparations for the 'bus are a shower, standing on one leg and  using my right arm because my left one is not fully functional.

I pull on my trousers and then take them off again because I forgot that  I have to put on my full left leg support.

I go outside to get on the bus, after I press myself against the wall to straighten up and fit my best smile on.

After returning to Bressay I help someone to get their messages into her house. As a reward her cat jumps on the table and allows me to rub her belly. I then go home and take in my messages. Younger people at this stage do offer to help me if I am overloaded and I am grateful for this.

I take of my leg support, get the peas from the freezer and put them on my knee. I eat my fish and chips and watch "Countdown"

Later I wake up on a wet duvet, (from the peas, I hope) and at times my face in an empty plate.

Tomorrow is 'bus day I will be seen in Tescos and the Co-op with a flag in my hat to make it easier for the NHS Sicherheitsdienst to find me.

My memory is not so good now but I am 18 this year, that can't be right but, I do know it has an eight and a one in the age.

I have disabilities but I am not disabled.

Since stopping the pills my manner has lightened, my speech is not garbled and I feel relieved.

Just read that last sentence out loud. It's not garbled is it?


Also sprach zarathustra und Rex.

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^ According to the highly fallible and utterly questionable powers invested in me by the great wonders of t'internet, an INR score of 1.5 doesn't seem to be considered 'low', rather it would seem to be very slightly 'high' for a 'normal' person (are any of us?), notwitstanding taking a medication which could potentially affect the reading.


That said, I probably have no idea what i'm talking about.


Good to know you're still up and about though. Keep on throwing those pills away - unless those which really do make a life or death difference, the rest the NHS hand out invariably have as much negative as positive affects.

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Ghost. The target apparently is between 2 and  3 optimal 2.5.

I was talking to Roche Labs yesterday morning and they are still not using the gear correctly here.

I give the powers that be the right to let me have a stroke or bleed to death

Thanks for the message though


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Thanks folks,Rex. as I said it's shopping bus today.

I will carry on helping the folks that need my help even though by so doing it must mean that I do not need help myself

I do know who the problem is, so do most of the staff .

Incidentally I have left messages for the  Chief Nurse (Community) but to no avail.

Tomorrow a nurse will come and see me to talk over what I must do. I will not hold my breath.

Still no reply from my last INR check.

Shower time.

I am smiling but I am the only person that knows it

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