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How to prevent pain and ignore illnesses in the NHS


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I think that I have been going about things the wrong way.

The things that are happening to me are also happening to other people.

I grew up during the war, my childhood was playing in the sooty Sheffield Streets, where the occasional vehicle would stop until we had cleared away our goal post jackets. The drivers didn't scream at us for being in the way, they joked with us. We would have food parcels sent to us from America and other places, if for some reason anyone didn't get one they were helped out by the neighbours. It was made sure that no-one went without. The poorest people were the best at sharing.

In my street we had refugees from Russia, Poland, Italy etc. An old russian lady who lived on her own used to wait for somone to pass and would indicate that she needed a needle threaded, she had the needle and thread with her. I wonder who she was and what was she sewing?                                                                                                                                                                       We had municipal restaurants where we could eat a three course meal for pennies


We had doctors that would open a surgery up to 10 o-clock at night.

There were hospitals that were clean and had crisp uniformed nurses who used to smile and filled you with confidence and would sit and hold your hand.

We, by the hundreds, would be evacuated in our beds , by the dedicated nurses, to the cellars almost nightly, when the air raid sirens sounded. This was organised by an even crisper matron, who knew everything. Even doctors had to defer to her.

Now, 70 years later. What  improvements we have made! Same words different ending What  improvements have we made?

Now, we have greed, inefficiency and the ripping of food out of the neighbours hand, the poverty of children and the closing of the mouth and ears to wrongs that are happening in plain sight and hearing of us.

The, "We can't draw attention to ourselves otherwise we may end up inthe same situation" attitudes.

We have politicians that cheat and steal using the laws that they have made with accidental loopholes. They then mention the holes to close friends so that they can also benefit. We chop benefits from the needy. We have politicians that beg for money.

Recently a politician who will remain nameless asked if I had any questions. My question was,"What will you do about the corruption in our politics" they answered," I'm only one person."

We give money to other nations and we have hungry kids. We don't give money to other nations and we have hungry kids.there and still have starving kids here

Yes we do have nice people

Do we have a comparable and efficient Nhs?

When will we stop killing people to prove that our god is better

We must also keep on blaming the aged, after all they had a good and prosperous trouble free life

I did help the invalided lady today.

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Ghost, I suffer from  permanent atrial fibrillation and take warfarin to thin my blood, hopefully to prevent strokes.

I started this post originally to help people that are in the same position of inadequate care for their problems and are frustrated.

I have had emails from various persons, not only in Shetland but, in Britain that are going through similar problems and 2 from Germany and 1 from France

I thought that I had made it clear that the only way I could highlight problems was by logging my experiences, to what end I don't know.

One last incident though I have been trying to contact someone in the NHS for five days, I have left message, I tried the phone three times this morning. No replies.

I then tried using my new mobile phone and got straight through they told me to contact the district nurse, which I have been trying to do. They didn't give me her mobile number which negated the advice to contact her and said that they would pass the message on!


I will try to delete this post tomorrow.

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Everytime  Mostly Very Often, When I do get to speak to or see someone from the NHS, I notice that some practices are not the laid down routines that are recommended. One example is, the time taken to transfer blood from your finger to the INR strip is void after 15 seconds and has to be re-taken. This week the time showing on the Roche machine was set  to a time of 130 seconds. When I questioned that, I was told that it was a new machine and it was correctly set up.

Now the next time you have a spare drop of blood, put it on a piece plastic and stand a match in it and wait for 15 seconds before releasing it and it will stand on its own. If you cut the tip of your finger off, the same thing will happen, the blood coagulates outside of the body and becomes black pudding.

If you place a piece of blackpudding on an INR strip it will reveal that it is certainly possible that you have had a stroke. It also proves that you do not know how to use an INR machine.

It was not the the Bressay nurse who said that it was set up correctly.

Next, to a Doctor, who would not listen to my symptoms. I had expected this to happen and had prepared a download from NICE highlighting diagnosis of certain mental problems.

As I put it down, I said that I was expecting this, now  I did say this in a frustated way.

I also questioned the lack of use of the, "Scientific Method of Diagnosis"

   "The scientific method is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge.


Which is a posh way of saying,

"Read the bloody notes and question the patient."

Then came, from the doctor, a tirade of," Science and medicine being very different things"

This was followed by a calmer way of speech from the doctor.

"I am only a locum and it may be better if you see a doctor who knows your history."

Did I speak in a pompous way.



Criticism is the backbone of the Scientific Method

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At 1723 today I was 'phoned by a person asking if I had been contacted by our community nurse!. 

I said no, and asked who was calling,. she said some name and said she was a nurse that, "I had met,"

Anyhow the community nurse was "supposed" to have given me a message this morning about not taking my warfarin anti coag pills tonight

She said that she had been trying to contact our community nurse but couldn't and maybe I hadn't been in or hadn't heard her knock or maybe even been  in bed. First of all I was up at 0500, the door was open and I hadn't been out in the morning. At lunch time my care worker was with me for about an hour and she had knocked on the door This is the second time in a week that this has been used as an excuse. Putting the onus on me, either in bed, out or bloody deaf.

My next appointment with the community nurse had been agreed for this coming thursday. She then said that I should not take my pills.

I was told that I should try to contact the nurse  and speak to her and if I couldn't I should 'phone 111.

I said, " that is an emergency number", the answer was," yes but they know where the nurses are".

Now, do I give in and say that, I am  going mad?. I had already taken my pills so have I poisoned myself? Or is it a case of someone has a case of, Munchausen by Proxy but, it could be an elaborate joke.


Now I was otherwise engaged and the caller hung up each time the ansafone kicked in, which was 3 times.Luckily my ansafone was in action and on speaker.

Obviously I shall now take legal advice because it is a very dangerousand stupid mistake or prank.

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I was sent to have a biopsy on my prostate gland GBH last week.

On arrival and during the pre op details, they found that they had no record of my having atrial fib and consequently no record of taking warfarin. This meant that I could have bled severely during and after my op. Now I have had 3 ops since, and I know, for certain that it was known that I had a possible severe bleeding problem. The surgeons obviously had seen these records too!

Why and where had these notes gone?

In an earlier post here, I told of being taken off a list of Warfarin users but it was covered up in the health centre. Once again.

Why and where had these notes gone?

Now at this same time I had said that I was going to stop taking my anti depressants because I had started to believe that they were or could be the reason for some of the mental issues I had developed. See my last post. I was told to carry on taking them. Another doctor suggested that I should increase the dose because I was obviously not coping with my depression, hence my blaming the pills.

I was diagnosed as a depressive well into the teens of years ago. The pills that I have taken during these years have been, Seroxat, Lustral and Sertraline.

I obviously cannot say that they have been at fault for my latest diagnosis of, Mild Cognitive impairment, Deep White Matter Ischaemia. Throughout this thread I have been giving my symptons as they happened and I have recently given links in various places. My recent one was for possible side effects for Sertraline.



On the BBC 2 days ago was a program,


A Prescription for Murder?


I did suffer some of the symptons but I didn't murder anyone.

These problems have been going on for many years and in many countries, hence my French, German  emails. I have sent them links to the above  program

Why haven't our doctors listened to our patients and linked these problems.

I did, thank goodness

I am still not a doctor but I have proven.that, I still remember how to use the scientific method.

How on earth are we going to have a tv program on tv about how the NHS works up here


Elvira y Tony, ¿podrías contactarme por favor?

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Tomorrow I go to GBH to have a transrectal prostate biopsy.So I have been given various medications to balance out my blood viscosity and others as a pre op antibiotic boost.

Am I worried ? Not in the least.

The only thing I am worried about is the advice I have been given, which is do not read about the side affects because , "They will drive you mad" ? This advice has been given to me a lot lately by doctors, nurses, surgeons etc. I have questioned this and have also tested the knowledge of the "advice giver."

It seems that if the patient knows the possible problems, they become a threat to authority !

These are not my words but Dr Phil Hammond.

He also mentions that 10,000 people are killed each year by the side affects of medications.

So here  I go, fully aware of the risks, confident in my surgeon and looking forward to the music in the Bressay hall at the weekend.,

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I duly waited until approx 1500hrs in the procedures room I called forward and was told by the surgeon that he was loath to carry out the biopsy, because of the possible risk of infection and because of my age.

I am 81yrs.

I have been anticipating problems and what I would do if there was bad news.

So here is what I had  planned for my future,

I would defer any operation that may have been planned for me.

I would go on holiday for a month or so and become hedonistic


I will take Dylan Thomas's advice,


I have no idea where I will go.

I will look for and find,


"Lazy laughing languid Jenny,
Fond of a kiss and fond of a guinea,
Whose head upon my knee to-night
Rests for a while, as if grown light"

There you see how a lot of pleasure can come from

bad news

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