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Best internet deal ? plus net ?

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Thanks for the reply


im looking for phone and broadband deal , where i just pay them for everything , plus net seems like a very good deal ???

Plusnet have a good reputation but assuming you are in Shetland you are going to find you are paying the higher price for broadband that is not too obvious on their website.

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I'm with talktalk, broadband and phone. It's around £25/month all in. That's for unlimited broadband and it it does seem to be totally unlimited. I've been regularly downloading over 100Gb/month and they've never hassled me. The speed (in lerwick) is pretty good too:




... however, they don't have any backup for when some numpty orkney scallop fisherman dredges up the cable so I've just got back online after a two week total blackout, phone and BB. This is the third time this has happened since the cable was laid. Also, their customer service is the usual crap Indian call centre sort of thing. I'm just waiting to see if they try to charge me for the full month this time around.

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