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Glasgow restaurants


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Taking the lady to Glasgow for a few days in a couple of months, do a bit of wineing and dining............you know the rest 😉


Anyway, needing some ideas for places to eat, KFC ain't gona cut it or she'll cut it off! Do you kind folk have any recomendations? I'am browsing the web but it would be fine to hear from folk on here.



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Chuck you should try Mr Singh's India


149 Elderslie Street, Glasgow, G3 7JR view map

Telephone 0141 204 0186

Food served Mon–Sat noon–midnight; Sun 3pm–midnight.

Pre-theatre times Mon–Sun 5–6.30pm

Website www.mistersinghsindia.com


It is a few years since I was there, but the food was very good. What surprised me was the Indian waiters wore kilts and spoke in broad Glasgow accents. They were a great fun and made the night memorable for us.


Staff may have changed by now, but probably worth a visit as it just feels so unusual with the Scottish theme.

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This is something we can claim to know a bit about. It all depends what you are after. Mr.Singhs is indeed good, and up the west end so stuff to explore there.

But for more city centre try Browns on George Square. Great food, great atmos, got clientelle (easy on the eye to both sexes) and great cocktail list. Your Mrs will love that.



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