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This thread reminds me of children telling each other tales of the boogieman


Some of you have horrible, horrible views


Bogeyman?  The only "boogie" I can think of relates to Earth, Wind & Fire.  Oops!

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 I see one of the caravans at Rova Head has been demolished by the wind, the body has been ripped clean off the chassis and has been reduced to splinters. 

Coming to Shetland in January in a flimsy caravan was probably the best idea they ever had.

Oops, just noticed a bit of a typo, the last sentence should read "......probably not the best idea they ever had"

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There was a team up here in Shetland some years ago that laid some fancy paths around some houses that looked good at the time and some still look ok.


Possibly not all those travelling folk are bad,and some may do a good job at a reasonable rate .


The problem is who do we trust ,i certainly would be careful and not give them any money up front.  :???:

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^It would be interesting to know just what sort of Travellers have been coming up here. Have they been Highland Travellers, Romani Lowland Travellers, English Romani's, Border Romanichal Travellers or Showmen? Does anybody know?

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