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Globe Butchers to close


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An interesting senario. If I were to complain on here about the service of a service giver, and someone else were not to use that service giver, and they were to find this out, then the service giver could then take me to court for the profit the service giver would have made from the cancelled contract.

If however, in another senario, were it proved that the service giver was sub-standard, when compared to other service givers in the same field of service giving, then the accusation would have foundation by the commentator and would that then indicate that any action by the service giver would be thrown out.

It then could be said that if the service giver was the only one on the islands, there could be no comparison made, would then a claim by the service giver be foregone conclusion.


I would guess then, unless you have evidence to back up a claim made on here, then that may be needed to be produced at the same time or, the sensible thing may be to make a private complaint.


Just a thought.


You could of course have saved your time and the bandwith of such a wordy post, and do whats usually the form for such things - state that it is "in your opinion".

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Good butchers are hard to come by, bad ones unfortunately are everywhere. It sad to see the globe and any butchery business go from shetland.

It's a place that had many butchers, and now few. As I worked there for a long time I have fond memories of the globe, but times for the owners are very difficult as people who know them will understand. I'm glad the employees all found jobs, I hope to see them soon!!

Also if anyone needs a homer done on some pigs cows or sheep, or poultry, call me.....


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