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Jobs In Shetland

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So where do you go to find a job in Shetland?


You would think plenty of opertunities would arise for work up at Sullom Voe if your into construction?


Personally I'm a self employed joiner, but trying to find work clear of joinery, even labouring would be better.


Been working as a Deckhand on various jobs and would like to stay at sea, but finding work isn't easy.

Eventually I know I'll find work, but it'll not be in Shetland I wouldn't think.


So I'll plod along with joinery until something better pops up.

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Your post is very negative so personally speaking that would put me off as an employer right away.

First impressions in an interview are everything, don't turn up casual smart turn up as smartly dressed as you can, smile and be positive tell them your achievements in joinery and all the good tings that you have done, that you are looking to further your career and need new experiences because you feel you have gone as far as you can in joinery.

I could go on and on  but I won't .


Just be positive, research online the company that you're trying for a job with, when they ask the inevitable question (do you know what we do) then you have the knowledge to answer the question and also the one that usually  follows ( what you would bring to us) .

I hope this helps a bit .


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