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"And let’s face it, the terms are for a full and total surrender. Not only will Tsipras give up his economic project, he will effectively be telling the Greek people something many have felt since the first bailout in 2010 – that they are governed from Brussels, and how they vote is irrelevant."

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Guest rudimeier1978

I would agree that there is no good reason why a lot of public sector jobs/work should not be 'farmed out' to the private sector.

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If my memory serve me correctly one reason the Greek government was short of money was that the" majority" of the folk tended to pay many of there bills in cash or in "kind" thus evading tax.


If they had a contractor doing them a job it was paid in cash so unless the contractor was honest enough to declare it no tax was paid ,and this was common all over Greece.


This was apparently was the custom in Greece and probably many other places as well,but in a cashless society as we have nowadays ,paying by bank transfer ect, its not so easy to evade tax.


Must say i have paid many in cash,whether they declared it to the inland revenue I care not.  


If we do not all contribute to the government where else will they get there money.!

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