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Locksmith urgently needed!


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Please can someone recommend a good reliable locksmith, preferably one with a emergency response or 24/7 service.


My main (and only) door to the house is locked shut (if it makes a difference, Its a wooden door with a mortice lock).


thank you!


p.s. Oh yes.... I suggest if anybody has got Santander home insurance with emergency home assistance, they use the policy for toilet paper, it's more use.

I'll be cancelling mine very shortly.

p.p.s police won't help either, not even with a suggestion of a locksmith to call :(

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Same here, few months ago i locked myself in a garage and won't find the way to get out. I decided to drill the lock and get out but luckily i have contact details of locksmith decatur ga, they helped me in unlocking the door.


[Mod edit - thanks for your contribution CreedJohn, but we expect that a call out from your base in Altanta, Georgia, USA to Shetland would be a little expensive. We're quite sure you're not a spammer ;-) but we have taken the precaution of removing the link in your post. We're sure Shetlanders in need of an emergency locksmith will be able to Google you themselves **]

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