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Home insurance when living near water


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I was renewing my house insurance this morning when I was struck by a new question " Is your home within 400m of a riverbank, lake, seafront, reservoir, quarry or other excavation?"

Since we live on an island I couldn't help but think that the vast majority of people here are going to answer yes. The nice lady from Kwikfit assured me that this was nothing to do with the floods in the South of England but I can't help but be cynical. Will we at some point be paying higher premiums to cover the damage South??

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A few years back I got a minimal letter from insurer telling me that they had decided to stop insuring the house forthwith. I phoned to enquire why. After a brief wait while the lady investigated, I was told it was because the building was "on a cliff." Bemused I told her it was not on a cliff, but was certainly in the sea. She said "On a cliff? In the sea? Same thing." Quite funny I thought.


While most of my neighbours flood regularly, thankfully my lowest floors are just a bit higher and the house has never flooded.

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