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Items for sale and no prices

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Its becoming an epidemic, items for sale with no prices - I might be interested if I had an idea of the price - who was the time to PM everyone just to find out the price - at least have an offer above or around - give us a clue!

How many lost sales occur because people don't put a price?

Even worse is when you reply by PM as there is no phone number, they don't bother to get back to you. Grrrrrrr!


Using the location thingy helps as well, especially when they say you must collect.


Another bug bare is folk who say they'll buy something, then that's the last you here from them.


Noo I feel better that I've got that off my chest <-)

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If its there being no price stated in the price box we're talking about, the software is contributing somewhat, as it only accepts numerical digits.


If you put a '£' sign in the box, or more than one price, ie. '5.00 - 10.00' etc, it accepts it when you put it in the box, but resets itself during posting to read '0.00' and there's no warning or error message from the software to tell you it does this. So unless you catch it by by proofing an ad after posting, you end up with folk believing what they put in the price box was posted as they had it, when in reality the reset during posting has caused '0.00' to be posted instead.

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