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20 MPH speed limit in town



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  1. 1. Should the council impose a 20 MPH speed limit in town?

    • Yes
    • No

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hello peat. they can't put fixed cameras in the area does not suffer from enough injuries to require them. no deaths and less than 6 serious accidents. if the council wants a 20mph limit thats fine you never travel much faster than that anyway.  now an average seed one on the tingwall straight may earn them some money. well policing scotland. not the council.

Thanks Paul, your quote is quite correct. If there were, any revenue would end up South and distributed from there.


If folk feel strongly about this, they should petition the council, especially with the stats and mathematical models they have provided here, you never know, they may have missed something.


The end result is to try and reduce injury and damage and with the best financial strategy.

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^ Yes, yes, keep on reciting the Lancashire Highways Dept. staff training manuals.


This is Shetland, what happens south bye Fair Isle isn't a relevant model for us. :)

i don't know about speed cameras. what about all these murders that have been happening in SHETLAND we need our own murder squad. would think fair isle warrants at least 2 cameras 1 on the way in and the other out. maybe parking tickets there would be an earner.

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Can an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy etc. survive a 20mph hit?


Seriously, most of the near accidents (and I have seen a few) that I witness are caused by idiot pedestrians who seem to be more concerned with their mobiles than with their general welfare.  It's only been driver awareness that has prevented a bit of a splat.


On the other hand, I have also seen plenty of drivers on their mobiles having a near miss or two as well.


Reduced speed limits are not going to prevent any accidents of that type happening and, like it or not, pedestrians and motorists have a right(?) to take themselves out of the gene pool any way they see fit.


Cameras are not the solution.  The only genuine way I can see of solving the problem is to get 'pc plod' off his backside and out doing something useful for a change.

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its not a case of getting PC plod off his backside its 'finding PC plod' they simply don't have the staff to police or enforce anything! I Agree people do and should drive to the conditions and a good sensible driver can safely navigate the esplanade safely at 30mph in the quiet hours of the night yet equally he/she would drive at 20mph if not less in the hight of the day unfortunately this requires 'common sense' an ability too many drivers (young AND old)  don't have!

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More details have emerged of the traffic calming planned for the Esplande of Lerwick, Church Road and Commercial Road. This will be a 20 miles per hour area, with six pairs of speed cushions, three sets of flat top humps and a raised table for the junction of Commercial Street and Church Road. The plan is that those measures will make the new limit self-enforcing.


Anybody willing to take a stab at translating that ^ lot from SIBC in to something akin to understandable gobbeltygook to mere mortals and immortals.....I'm envisioning something like a cross between an obstacle course and a fairground ride sprouting up between the boddam o' da new rod an da Hom Furnishings, but am persuadable otherwise.

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The idiots with an "agenda" obviously feel that the furore on this has died down enough for them to bring it back to the front of the queue.


Time to start telling our councillors that, if they vote for it, we will NOT vote for them. 


Let's have a little common sense here..

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