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BBC Shetland Location

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I just had a listen just now on iPlayer and I don't think it's gaelic Frances. It's at 3:28 approximately if anyone wants to have a listen and see if they recognise it. By the way I suspect the filmed at the AHS at the weekend due to to the remarkable lack of parked cars visible.



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Yup, exactly that, MuckleJoannie.  I could not make out what on earth she was saying.  I would be interested to know.


And, yes, thank you Fionajohn, I do realise that we don't speak Gaelic in Shetland but tbh, the tv programme "Shetland" also doesn't have a ferry that goes south and back in a day (a telly assumption from the first series), so I am open to belief that there might be a few other gaffs here in "The Shetlands" tv prog.

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