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We're really happy to announce the Shetland leg of the Gerry Loves Records Highlands & Islands tour, appropriately titles 'Gerry Loves The Highlands & Islands'. Friday the 11th of April at the Mid Brae Inn, and Saturday the 12th in Lerwick (venue TBC)

Rick Redbeard is the solo musical alias of Rick Anthony, singer from acclaimed Glasgow sextet The Phantom Band. Born and raised in the Aberdeenshire wilderness, Anthony began using the Redbeard name for his solo material sometime around 2006-7 after swindling it from a pirate. He has performed sporadically around Scotland since then, and the Gerry Loves Records split 7″ is the first Rick Redbeard release of any nature.

Adam Stafford is a musician and filmmaker from Falkirk. Formerly of the group Y’all is Fantasy Island, he issued two experimental a capella albums, “Awnings†and “Miniature Porcelain Horse Emporium†in 2009. His debut studio set “Build a Harbour Immediately†was released in 2011 and was critically acclaimed by the Scottish press, turning up on a number of end-of-year polls in 2011. 

Yusuf Azak is an Aberdonian of Turkish descent who lives in Glasgow. After self-releasing two EPs he signed to Song, by Toad Records where he released two great albums, Turn on the Long Wire and Go Native.

His new album, Peace in the Underworld, is an album of off-kilter folk pop songs with Yusuf's unique gruff-but-sweet vocals. It's also a more luxurious sound than his other records, with his excellent songwriting and acoustic guitar skills filled out with drums, drum machines, keyboards, electronics and more.

Support will come from Shetland's very own highly-acclaimed singer-songwriter Arthur Nicholson




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The gig at the Mid Brae Inn will now take place on Saturday the 12th of April, with Friday the 11th now taking place in MAREEL!


Ticket info coming soon!


This will be a great gig for any music fan, so make sure you come down and check it out!

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