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Budget effect  

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  1. 1. How will the budget effect you

    • Better off
    • Worse off
    • See little difference

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What did you think about the budget? Do you think you'll be better off, worse off or see little difference


Obviously he didn't have a lot if cash to play with, but I was expecting a lot worse. Not had much time to look at the detail, but was glad to see fuel will not rise. Need to study detail about pensions etc. but overall I suppose it seemed more positive than negative.

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Excellent news.  I never joined a pension scheme because I always thought those annuities were a bit of a con.  As for paulb worrying about folks "wasting" their pension pots, I might be old fashioned but it seems better to let people have more control over their money?  Even if an irresponsible minority of people do go out on a massive bender, it will be good for the wider economy.



The biggest change I saw is how you can access your pension fund when you retire


From 2015, people reaching retirement age will be able to spend the money however they want, rather than having to use it to buy a guaranteed income.



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I can see pension pots being used as house deposits for Grandchildren of perhaps another way to extract money from those who are very sick and need 24/7 care/housing leaving the spouse/young uns with nothing...


There is however, really nothing for the saver. Interest rates are just harming pension funds, council funding and personal savings. Upping to £15k means nothing, when you take home less than that as many do.

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it could have been worse. however next year ours will be down by a lot thanks to there public pay deals. the 10.5 k tax allowance and the transferable bit of tax allowance does help what has been a serious drop in our income over the last 5 years.


but you could argue that this is just the start of the pre election bribes. 

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The cuts to public services are to be hammered home over the next year, my savings are worth less than they would have been if the interest rate were not kept down to prevent home buyers from having to struggle due to the overall lower wage. Some in my work place have had overall cuts to their wage of 27%, if you add on the VAT rates and the increases in costs where goods are going up faster than wages, we are not getting any better.


Also looking at the numbers of low hour employment, the situation will get worse.

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