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Manage, ignore pref settings

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I to have decided to make no more posts and, when I have gotten over my irritation at being 'slapped' for an 'on-topic' comment, might even unsubscribe. 

Fed up of watching a 'stalker' trolling a few members posts and obfuscating any discussion with meaningless drivel.

Furthermore, if I cannot comment on the position taken by another poster (even though it was indirect) then, what is the point of posting anything at all?


I think that admin got it wrong..

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How does the 'ignore' function work? Does it work both ways i.e. the ignored person cant see your posts as well as you not seeing theirs?


If that was the case, then it wouldn't take too many people ignoring any particular person to make their use of Shetlink a bit fruitless.


It really is a shame that such a wonderful resource as this can be completely ruined by a very small minority of users.

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I don't know the full history behind this thread, but assuming it is based on the thread about the Yell kirk break in, the pettiness there seemed to come entirely from you, owre-weel. SP's comments didn't seem at all offensive or trolling, so your "Yawn!" seemed entirely unnecessary.

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I don't know what has happened but I do know that none of us should leave the forum.

If someone attempts to annoy you, invariably they are wishing to impress someone, they will be using a pseudonym because they don't have the courage to voice an opinion any other way. They are pointless people.


unlinked student,


Colin, you're all good people.

Midges annoy us but we are still here.

Moderators, you're doing a good job, thanks.

So what to do about the stupidity in posts,

"Condemnant quod non intellegunt."

"Aquila non capit muscas"



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