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best spuds for growing up here

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I suppose which is "the best" depends on your family's tastebuds? :razz:


I have grown Red Duke of York and Rooster in the past, but have over the last years stuck to Epicure and Cara. Both grow troublefree, good yields and Cara stores well.


Which varieties have you tried?

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If you're growing on your own land, considering where it is I'd stick with an old tried and tested variety like Kerr's Pinks, if they won't thrive, chances are not much else will. They're not the heaviest cropper by any means, but they're decent quality all round, and will grow pretty much anywhere a spud can grow.


By all means try short rows of other varieties as a test to see how they do, as a general rule most spuds, especially newer varieties and white skinned varieties do better the higher your soil ph and lower your soil's organic matter content (sandy soils in Shetland generally), older and some coloured skin varieties are better in lower ph and higher organic matter soils (more acidic, further inland and at higher altitudes in Shetland generally), I'd venture to guess your's is more of the latter type than the former.


Not saying some newer and white skinned varieties won't grow to a bumper crop in the more acidic soils, as I've seen it done and done it many times, but the trade of is in quality. They tend to be very soggy, very tastless, barely fit for making chips with never mind anything else, and as often as not ended up being condemned to be stock feed.

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thanks again. ive decided to try some record potatos from orkney. i remember my mum saying to always buy your seeds from further north than yourself. i understand why. i know i should use seed potatoes but is there any real problem using normal ones that have been checked for infections. really hate paying what seed potatoes are going for. 


next question runner beans will wind breaks work or a polytunnel. thinking a 6ft high frame of fine salmon net with no roof. a bit like a fruit cage.

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I guess opinions on the question of certified seed verus normal potato are devided. Some folk never use special seed potatoes and have great trouble free results, and then there is the question of wether or not to cut or plant the whole potato.....


Personally I plant a whole certified seed potato. Probably because I like to play it safe and am boring and not into adventures. :razz:


I tried climbing french beans against a southfacing, chickenwire clad byre wall a few years back. Didn't work, my guess is it is too cold here in the summer. Worked a treat in the greenhouse and turned it into a right jungle.


Bush beans in raised beds didn't work either. They don't like the cold winds, I think. :ponders: Anybody had more success?

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