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Black Bags!


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Having  had a little time to digest this and do a little research the information about Shetland being the only place in Scotland to hand out free black bags is both untrue and a little red herring. Aberdeenshire hand them out to rural communities where wheelie bins are difficult to access. Also Dundee now supply 5 different wheelie bins for different waste Perth council provide them stirling council provide them and Im dam sure the cost of these bins will be far more than bin bags. I was always under the immpresion that they had to provide a recipticle for rubbish in the intrests of hygiene

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Wheely bins cost around £40 retail, and I would be sure there would be a huge discount for a council and as well the lack of VAT. If you then work out the cost of labour to pick up and carry the bags, the spillages, the rubbish spread by hungry wildlife and the piles of rubbish that can block the pavements at times, using wheely bins can be a common sense route to collection and segregation of rubbish. You would only need 3 in a crew as there is very little lifting involved with a wheely bin, when they are delivered, a contract is in place to say that you will look after the bin, even though it is not yours, you are responsible for it. There are few issues with wheely bins, we use 4 here, this makes collecting recyclables cost effective.

We have had our wheely bins now since 2006. We have not had to replace them and the collection rate is up to 99.6% over the year throughout the borough.


Flats and houses that are down long ginnels have communal bins, something they do in Brighton for much of the waste collection.


I have not found anywhere where it says the council has to supply and vessel for waste. Those that do generally do it for their own convenience or as an additional service.

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 when they are delivered, a contract is in place to say that you will look after the bin, even though it is not yours, you are responsible for it.

Why would it not be yours if you have bought it? 


In the Peat round about way he is saying they are provided.

Again Peat you miss the point if I remember the headline it said Shetland were the only place to provide bin bags/rubbish recipticle that is infact untrue I havent found a council in Scotland that does not provide them FOC including bin bags as explained in my earlier post

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I can assure you my wheelie bin IS MINE. I had to buy it from the council as they do not provide them for free. As stated above lots of councils provide the wheelie bins or black bags. Now I also have to buy the black bags to put in the wheelie bin! And Shetland is one of the richest councils in the country. You couldn't make it up.


I think some of those making these decisions should be put in the wheelie bins, I would happily loan my bin for the purpose.

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SIC have a unique view on a council's responsibility for the provision of a waste management collection service that they are legally required to provide.


An Freedom of Information request to the other 31 councils will probably confirm they provide wheelie bins free for the collection of waste, hence why they do not provide black bags. A quick search on Google appears to show this




However South Ayrshire website helps in clarifying that councils cannot charge for domestic waste collection and they will specify collection arrangements and type of receptacle to use.




Existing houses as far as can tell where provided the Wheelie Bins free and in some Councils new houses the builders had to buy and provide these e.g. Highland.


Orkney recently switched to wheelie bins and due to a procurement error have a few spare SIC might want to see if they can by at reduced costs.




Orkney's frequently asked queries for this switch shows that they moved from providing free black bins and instead provided the Wheelie Bins for free.



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