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Odour from Bressay Fish Meal Factory

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Does anyone know if anything can be done about the abhorrant smell in Lerwick from the Heogan Fish Meal factory?  I appreciate it is a good industry and employer.  BUt the smell is awful sometimes and must have an impact on tourism?  Is it not breaking pollution legislation?

Seriously?  What are they supposed to do?

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A few years back I ended up stuck in Bressay for several hours due to the ferry having to stop for weather. So, having had enough of Maryfield, we embarked on a touristic tour of the isle. Obviously the gut factory will be high on anyone's list of highlights ;-), so there we went. I was amazed to find it operational. As others have noted, I've not noticed a whiff from Heogan for many, many years. I had actually assumed it had closed long ago.  Turns out that forcing the plant to clean up its emissions was SEPA's first achievement in Shetland after being established.


Back in the 70s the smell was indeed byocking, but the stinking oil in the harbour and on the beaches was even worse. Clothes affected had to be dumped.

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