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100 Days to Scottish Independence Referendum

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Whatever, it's very unfortunate that you have shown yourself as a bitter person, who has drooped to the level of issuing threats to all Shetlanders who, like yourself all have the right to cast their vote in a democratic way.


As someone who was very undecided until a few days before the vote, I am delighted that I voted no, as I didn't believe that the questions I had, had not been answered. Having voted, I am now, after reading your post, sure that I made the right choice. Shetland in the hands of the central belt with the threats you make would worry me greatly.


Someday Scotland and its people may be ready to go it alone, and if that is the desire of the majority, then I will fully accept democracy. But if your telling me that Glasgow will then get its own back by punishing Shetland in some way, I can assure you that Shetland will not roll over, but will do its own thing, and take its oil with it. Where will that leave you.


I would love to know what your business is, as I do a lot of business with companies in Glasgow and hope and pray yours isn't one of them. Because if so I certainly don't want to do business with someone with such an attitude.


Having spoken to a couple of Glasgow business friends this morning, they are disgusted with the content of your posts and would also boycott such a business.


Sometimes it's best not to sh*te in your own nest.

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Trust me, shetlanders will soon find out what business I am in. As will people from Orkney and Aberdeen. You will suffer for this treachery. If I was minded to tone this down, it would be on the basis that you lack understanding if anything but I don't make any such allowances for thick people down here so why should I single Shetland out?



Good grief, if you're going to breathe threats like "You will suffer for this treachery" I strongly suggest you pack your bags and go back to Scotland.


I do have a problem with most normal scots who come to Shetland because they(like you) are unwilling to accept that Shetland is different and "not part of Schottland".


I detest hearing them talk about "up here" or "doon the road".


I wonder how many Shetlanders who voted Yes are now regretting it because of the bile and true colours they're seeing from the likes of you and many others.

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Like I said a little earlier,  some of the 45% who voted Yes do not seem mature enough to accept defeat and are now "spitting their dummies"..  Sad really but, it has to be expected I suppose....


This one will probably go quiet now that he has been "called out"


It seems he thinks that by changing to yet another pseudonym that no-one will know who he is. However, as someone who does not normally post on forums such as this, I have been driven to do so.


Trust me, shetlanders will soon find out what business I am in. As will people from Orkney and Aberdeen. You will suffer for this treachery.



On any forum, there is always the usual amount of trash by over opinionated people, and Shetlink is no exception. However, I can confidently say without a shadow of a doubt that this is the greatest example of total sprootle I have ever read. The referendum was a result to stay as United Kingdom. If you were as clever as you seem to think you are, you would try working together as a whole, and using the closeness of the vote to ensure that Scotland gets the powers and ability to help shape its future. perhaps though, reading your previous drivel, you should get everyone in Scotland to post on their house windows how they voted. That way you could campaign that fire crews only put out fires of people who voted yes, norses and doctors only treat those who voted yes, and the armed forces from Scotland can ask their enemies in Afghan or wherever they are how they WOULD have voted to decide whether to shoot them or not. Also, if you are so right and so clever, why not post under your real name? Oh, someone who knows you has already posted above to say who you are - they obviously think you talk trash too.


In reality, the REAL bottom line is that millions and millions of pounds were spent on the referendum, on all aspects from planning in government right down to producing little badges and stickers. If that money had instead been used properly, it could have saved rural schools that are due for closure, stopped the constant reduction of our police force and helped towards some of the urban problems we have such as kids sleeping rough in the streets.

Instead, we are now at a situation where the relationship between Scotland and the rest of the UK has been damaged, and the relationship between Scotland and its residents has been damaged and until pathetic fools like you change your childing attitude, those relationships will not be mended and no-one will be able to move on working for the good of the people as a whole.

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Mmhhh! Looks like 'whatever' or 'Gorch' has lost his voice.


In my experience the majority of Glaswegians are great people who are open and welcoming, however, like Shetland there are the few exceptions, where you get the occasional daftie, who is full of bravado. My experience also shows me they are also full of wind.


Let's hope we can now all get on with pulling the country back together and work towards making it a better place for all.

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Watch the door doesn't whack you on the ass on your way oot.



And what's the betting that Orkney and Borders are getting the same post with their location on it?

Enjoy the attention and make fun of it by all means. But know this, I and others are serious. We will get you back for is. We will have another referendum soon, within ten years, and when we do the vast majority of us will see the Westminster pledge was a lie and the scaremongering for what it was.


By a process of political gravitation, Shetland will fall into the hands of the Scottish people like a ripe apple and when it does this will be remembered.


Tomorrow I return to business as usual. But trust me, there will be boycotts and shetland will be on the list. This is not over.



Why don't you tell us who you are and what your business is?


That way, we could avoid the embarrassment of a refusal by avoiding you altogether....  I'm sure that there must be other people who can/would provide/supply whatever it is that you do and, I would hate to try and give such a spiteful, mean minded person as you my business..


Vague threats will not get you anywhere here unless, of course, your aim is to waste people's time.




And plenty have died.



The police have prosecuted many poeple for making threats against others and against individuals from the "safety" of their keyboards, regardless of how serious that person was about carrying out any action.

"But know this, I and others are serious. We will get you back for is" is a threat no matter what you may say, no matter whether it was posted in jest or with total sincerity

Expect a knock on the door 'Gortch', or 'Whatever', I really don't care what pseudonym you use, your IP address is all the law needs. If the mods on this site don't report you, I will

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Gortch seems rather a sad little man, we really must try to sympathise. His ill thought out dreams have been have been dashed by the democratic process. Still never mind! conscious thought is probably difficult for him, staggering as he is down Sauchiehall st. after his evening refreshments. Off home now for a fine meal of haggis and tatties. He might be better tomorrow.


The real problem is I suspect that he voted YES because his dad told him he must hate the English. What a sad state of affairs, there's bad buggers everywhere. What he needs to remember is all those wonderful holidays his family have had at Blackpool on Scotch week. That's probably as far as he's been, and as far as his mind can stretch. I wonder if he knows Blackpool is in England.


It's such a shame because Glasgow has enough divisions already, and now this! Sadly he's probably a Catholic, and we know all about their problems.

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Distortio, those horrible comments smack of sectarian hatred which has no place in Shetland......



wtf you on about? that's a pic from tonight. the bt unionist crowd.


off out, laters.


The comments on Yes Shetland.....



nowt to do with me, i don't have a facebook profile, couldn't post there even if i wanted to.



And you believe that this is a representative view of 55% of the electorate in Scotland?



no, of course not. but those were the people out on the streets antagonising people after winning the vote.


also i notice you've been quick to jump on one person's comments as total vindication of your position. not that i need to see nazi salutes on the streets to convince me 'yes' was the way to go... 



Unfortunately, 45% of the turnout now feel pretty bad about it and a good percentage of those do not appear mature enough to accept defeat.


1.6 million is a lot of pissed off people...



from what i've seen most yes voters, despite being understandably deflated initially, have tried to remain positive. we'll see how it all pans out with the offer of more powers for scotland, looks pretty shaky i'd say, being used as a political power grab by the tories or a drawn out constitutional reform issue with labour. lots of tory backbenchers won't support it anyway, might never make it through parliament.


but then we all knew by now that wm "vows" couldn't be trusted, surely?

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"ok, simple question then:  say there's a referendum on europe... if someone voted to stay in, which particular party would they be voting for?"


Not a simple question but, a different one that is not related at all and, a strange argument to put... 

However, seeing as all 3 main parties seem to be, largely, in support of continued membership, I wouldn't be voting for any of them, I would be voting NO


oh, and this is why it looks like you were a ukipper.


you insisted that a 'yes' vote was a vote for the snp because independence was their policy.


by that logic it seems clear that in a european referendum a 'no' vote would be a vote for ukip as it is their policy.


you can't have it both ways.

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by that logic it seems clear that in a european referendum a 'no' vote would be a vote for ukip as it is their policy.


you can't have it both ways.



Of course I can.  I don't support UKIP either.  Are you trying to tell me that, where I can, I have no 'right' to choose my own destiny ?

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