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100 Days to Scottish Independence Referendum

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It looks like registering to vote in the referendum wasn't such a good idea if you still owe poll tax.






Tax dodgers who joined the electoral roll for the Scottish independence referendum are being warned they now risk being caught.
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^ Meanwhile, the Scottish Government stands steadfastly behind legislation that allows Councils to charge pretty much anyone for any amount of Council Tax they see fit, and pursue that person to the ends of the earth and beyond to take that sum off them. With absolutely no legal avenue of challenge available to the person concerned, regardless of the number or size of errors made on the part of a Council which led them to pursue that person for the tax in the first place.


Typical, and the expected thing from Holyrood - No wonder folk voted 'No', its not more power that troop of monkeys at Holyrood need, its sending home permanently, and a demolition charge put under that monstrosity of a thing they built for themselves.

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