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100 Days to Scottish Independence Referendum

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The issue of why the NHS impacts upon the referendum debate is succinctly summed up in the following video clip were Jeane Freeman, former adviser to Labour First Minister Jack McConnel, puts Andrew Neil straight on BBC TV.



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How many of the snp members turned up this week to vote on one of there favourite topic the bedroom tax

Was it 2 out of 6


According to the SNP there was no need for their MPs to be there as the bedroom tax is an English matter. The SNP has used the Scottish parliament's funds to abolish it in Scotland.

That's like saying I don't like something but not prepared to do anything about it or as is also known the white paper on independence
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For those looking for the facts in a reasonable compact site to do their own research on issues such as the economy, defence and pensions try out this site with links to verify the statements made rather than just the wild baseless assertions found elsewhere.




Alternatively you could google your query for random papers or read the official government papers covering these issues and the white paper.



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I am sure the Poles, French and so on are lovely people but is it right that they could influence the outcome of the referendum?. 


To be fair, anyone living and contributing to this country should have a say in it's future. Any Scots not resident in this country shouldn't as it's their choice not to live here.

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Do you mean this crowd funded website with over 500,000 unique users that challenges the assertions made by mainstream media and the no campaign with verifiable evidence?




Yeah, yeah as long as folk realise it's not impartial when they read it then at least they can keep that in mind when drawing conclusions from the content.

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The site run by a former Liberal Democratic voter of 22 years standing is open and honest about its policy stance on the subject unlike the majority of main stream media, see link below.




All articles on independence come with a health warning as there is no real unbiased news or on-line site that has not got a political philosophy on this issue. Therefore everything should be read with a critical eye and be prepared to question anything that does not seem to be reflect your own view of reality.


Some such as the local weekly newspaper the Shetland Times has chosen to take a stance supporting no. The majority of the national newspapers are supporting the no campaign but have not yet confessed up in the Editorial as clearly the Shetland Times.


If they want to endorse a campaign that is their right to do so just be honest about it.


There is an audio version of the Wee Blue Book for those that would rather listen to books.



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^ I don't believe the count is accurate enough to produce the same result four times from five, never mind one better than that. They'll just do a few, then take an average to run with.


That said, does it really matter all that much when this is the only legal base upon which the outcome has to be acted upon?


The two governments are committed to work together constructively in the light of the outcome, whatever it is, in the best interests of the people of Scotland and of the rest of the United Kingdom.




Both Scottish and UK Governments being able to compromise, never mind agree on what is best for Scottish people, and for the UK, is the best possible get out of jail card the rest of the UK could have to simply pay lip service to any independence for Scotland negotiations, and carry on like the referendum had never occured. For this referendum to be worth tuppence and be legally binding as a tool to ensure Scottish independence, the wording would have needed to have been something like,  "the UK Government agree to abide by the democratic choice of the referendum, and do everything within their power to ensure the choice decided by it for Scotland is facilitated at the earliest possible opportunity".

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